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Although I write a lot about free stuff I'm also available to write on other topics from product reviews of any product to the latest trends in digital media. Want to include me in an article or to request that I write something for you? Email

USA Today: If You Can't Afford It Then Get It For Free
Quoted along with Wired's Chris Anderson in an article on how to save money by getting free stuff. (This was also syndicated in ABC News). Read more

Times Newspaper: The Click
Featured in the Times 2 for their round up of new websites called 'The Click'  - Online Link

MyWeekly (28th May 2011) Issue
"Download the eBook "Free Stuff Everyday Guide" by Mike Essex, which tells the tale of the author's successful five years getting things for free."

Web User Magazine (Twice)
Featured in a list of the best new websites, and interviewed on online scams - List of magazine content]

Express and Star Magazine: Blagman Mike Gets Free DealsMy first coverage was in my local paper back in 2006. You've gotta start somewhere. Read more

BBC Radio 5 Live:
An interview entitled "What can you get for free". Also included was a 'freegan' and the head of freecycle.

Kerrang Radio Interview:
I was challenged on the Ugly Phil Breakfast Show to get ten items for their listeners for free. Next week I returned goods in hand. 

Local Radio Stations:
BBC WM + other BBC local stations, Siren Online,  BCB 106.6F and many more...

World Business News: FreeconomicsA globally syndicated news broadcast to over 60 stations, including on CNBC. I was interviewed about Freeconomics.

BBC News: Blagging Bloggers Free Goods
A video that looked at my intial quest to get 100 products for free and gave away some of my initial tips. Watch the vid!
Included me as an expert on how to get free stuff.


Problogger: Setup Your Blog For Product Reviews
I wrote an article on how to setup blogs for product reviews to ensure that bloggers can get found and get freebies. Read more.

TIME Techland: Dying Content Farms May Turn to eBooks for Survival
The TIME Magazing technology blog Techland was kind enough to pick up my article on eBook content farms and run with it. Read more.

Publishing Trends: Kindle Swindle
Working with Laura Hazard Owen we helped expose scammers on the Kindle store, and revealed a worrying trend in eBook piracy. Read more.

Sparksheet: Getting Brand Advocates By Giving Stuff Away
Even if your product is expensive, trials and product loans can be worth it. Try giving the strongest voices in your niche a free product today and you’ll be surprised by how well free can sell. Read more

The Beginner SEO: How to Get Testimonials from Freebies
Getting reviews and testimonials for a brand is always difficult, so why not use free stuff to help spread the word? Read more

My Writing Blog: An interview with Mike Essex, Author of Free Stuff Everyday
Learn the origins of my methods, how you can do them too and a little more about my new book - Read More

Nick's Traffic Tips: Why Free Stuff is the Key to Customer Satisfaction
For businesses who want to ensure they launch a succssful product, and that it is promoted well on release, free stuff is essential. Here's why - Read More

Koozai: Using Free Stuff to Build Brands Online
To create a viral buzz online more and more businesses are gving stuff away. From Tetley to Interflora, I round up some of the best examples - Read More

Spike Magazine: Spamazon
 I address the issue of eBook piracy and how a new book author can stand out. Read More

Marketingprofs: Give to Receive
A guide written by marketing experts. I wrote one of their daily Get to the Point! email newsletters on "Why companies should give products away‏". Read More The Man Who Blagged Christmas
Following my successful attempt to get my entire Christmas for free they wrote an article on me entitled - 'The man who blagged Christmas'. Read More Taking my experience as a blogger (and blagger) I wrote them an exclusive article on "How every blogger can be a blagger". This made the front page of their site and was included in a daily email.

Times Union: I was asked to provide details on how bloggers could make money in 90 days without spending more than $20. My solution enabled them to do this by spending nothing.

Another great review of Free Stuff Everyday. Read more

Vanessa Reece
And another! Read more

Rachel Cotterill
More good feedback "This is a concise, helpful guide which I'd recommend as a great starting point for anyone new to the freebie scene". Included on their list of blogs from 2006-2009. Sadly they no longer produce this list.

More coming soon! 

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My Policy

Every product on this site has been received for free, and given to me by the product manufacturer or their associated PR organisation in return for a review.

I have no other personal or business association with these companies, and all reviews are written truthfully and based on my own experience. If I hate a product I will say so (and have done on many occasions!).