Friday, May 30, 2014

Goodbye “Koozai Mike”, Hello Mike Essex

Almost three years ago I attended the Thinkvis conference in Leeds and as soon as I entered the networking event four people shouted out “It’s Koozai Mike!” and came over to talk to me.

Just one year before that no-one in the industry knew who I was or where I worked. From that day forward everything changed and I have Koozai to thank for that.

Thanks to my work Twitter handle @Koozai_Mike, that name kind of stuck and frequently people still call me “Koozai Mike” when greeting me, or in conversation, even those I’ve known for years.

It’s a handle that I love and it’ll always be a part of who I am yet “Koozai Mike” will be changing, as I’ve recently taken the biggest step in my career to date.

After 4 years and 2 months of working with the incredible team at Koozai I started a new position at Plant Asset Management, a consulting business within Petrofac, as their Marketing and Communications Manager on 19th May.

They're part of one of the 100 biggest companies in the UK, with 18,000 employees, across 29 countries and when they offered me the chance to do high level online and offline marketing for the PAM part of their organisation I knew it was an opportunity I had to take.  It’ll help me push my skillset in new directions and create marketing initiatives on a much larger scale and that’s incredibly exciting, especially given the continually shifting online marketing landscape.

At a SearchLove conference a few years ago Will Critchlow presented the idea that “the SEO’s of today are the Chief Marketing Officers of tomorrow” and that really stuck with me, sitting in my mind, pushing me to always reach for the next step in my career. Although I’ll always be an SEO, the chance to apply those principles (and others from digital marketing) to a wider remit is going to be a great opportunity. Although as I’ve said before “Once an SEO, always an SEO”.

Were it not for Koozai none of this would be possible. They encouraged me to get out there, do the best for my clients, network, speak at conferences, blog and film videos and that all helped me grow my skills and interact with the industry in a way I’d never thought possible at my previous agency role. Along with the tools and training they gave me I found myself continually evolving and getting better and better results for clients over time.

They then gave me the chance to work as their Online Marketing Manager, where I got to apply the lessons I’d used on many clients for a much bigger client: Koozai. Working in-house within an agency environment was a potent combination, helping me ramp up my skills in a short time and allowing for the agency side to teach me things and vice versa.

I’m incredibly thankful for that experience and all of the Koozai team for continually pushing me, teaching me new things and just generally being a fantastic group to be around day in and day out. I know they’ll continue to do great things and that you’ll be hearing a lot more from the team in the future.

As for me, along with the new role I’ll still be writing novels, blogging and attending conferences where I can and this website is the best place to check for updates on all of those things. You can even sign up to get regular emails from me with free tips and more in the box in the top left.

There have been many great things I’ve had the chance to do whilst at Koozai – working with fantastic clients, running in the Great South Run, speaking at conferences, climbing in the treetops at Go Ape, winning several awards, launching Koozai TV and making a lot of new friends in the industry.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings and I hope that you’ll stay with me on that journey. You can email me any time on or follow me on Twitter as @blagman. If you already followed me as @Koozai_Mike you’ll instantly follow me on my new account.

As always I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Good luck in your new role Mike, I have being following you for some time and it's great to see yourself and many others taking the next step :)

  2. Excellent news Mike. On behalf of Tone, we wish you all the best in your new role!

  3. A very inspiring post Mike, I love the 'SEO > CMO' analogy - keeps the motivation going! :-)


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