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Best of TV and Movies Board Game Review

It shows just how much people know about TV when we can name the word Dermot O'Leary says before he reveals who is going home from the X Factor. (It's "is" in case you wondered). Which is why the next game in the LOGO series focuses on that very topic - alongside films - to create a wealth of 1,600 new questions that cover everything from 1932 cartoons to James Bond movies and the 2012 Olympics.

As with previous LOGO games the board is a mixture of seemingly randomly assigned colours that match up with the four colours on each card. You are asked questions in the order they appear on the card (always starting with orange and following the same sequence) and each one you get right means you can jump to that colour. As the board colours don't follow a set pattern it means it's possible to win by answering less questions right, depending on which questions you get right and when, which adds a good bit of luck in to the game.

It's almost identical to the board used in other LOGO games so it's a shame to have to buy another board and set of figures if you own one already and just want the questions. Thankfully the questions make up for the overall cost and once again there's such a wealth of questions that it's very hard to see the average person facing the same card come up very often . We played twenty games and didn't get a duplicate question once.

What we did get were questions that covered everything from themes (e.g four questions about James Bond or Jim Carrey movies), to themes (e.g. Planets  - "Name the  cartoon character first drawn in 1932" - Pluto).  There are also pot luck cards which have a bit of everything and picture cards such as images of mascots, food, events, characters and even numbers. Some questions are also genuinely clever and fun: e.g. "Which British detective series has a title that sounds like a small amount of inclement weather" - A Touch of Frost".

There's been a lot of love put in to licensing or recreating noticeable images for the cards and it shows. Much like the Best of British game or the original LOGO game there is a lot of fun to be had in recognising visual clues - although watch out for copyright notices in the bottom corner as these can occasionally give away the show if people stare too hard.

There's also clearly been a ton of research on finding interesting facts as well as enough common knowledge items that mean anyone can play the game. In terms of difficulty orange questions are typically easier but that's not always the case and it's usually only easy if you know the answer and hard if you don't. As for those times where the answer is just on the tip of your tongue it's usually because you've forgotten it rather than because the question was worded incorrectly. Watching someone try to recall a long lost fact is excellent fun, although the game would benefit from having a timer included as we found it more fun by imposing a short time limit to keep the game flowing.

The questions are up to date for 2012 with questions on the Olympics, current talent show line-ups and more. Naturally this means the odd question may go out of date in the future but there are very few instances where that could occur (mainly with talent show questions) and if it does you can just throw that card away. The only question I disliked was one that asked you to hum the Mission Impossible theme tune as it meant the card had no answer on it and that didn't seem to fit in with everything else.

"Dun dun, dun dun" theme tunes aside the Best of TV and Movies board game delivers on its name.I can't imagine not playing this at Christmas and can tell everyone will enjoy it thanks to the mix of easily accessible questions and the cunningly structured board.

Best of TV and Movies is created by Drumond Park

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