Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spin Mania Review

Plate spinning is a parlour trick as old as time, well at least as old as crockery anyway. Yet it’s never been a trick that’s particularly easy to do without the risk of breaking your best china plates, or hurting yourself picking up the pieces.

Which is probably the logic behind Spin Mania, a far easier take on the spinning plates game.

In its purest form Spin Mania is remarkably simple. You have a battery powered machine which spins a plastic plate that you then pick up with a curved spike and move carefully to one of three stands trying to keep the spinning going.

In an effort to make the game as accessible as possible the curved spike you use to move plates is easy to hold and control and so long as you don’t hit the plate with your hand whilst moving it along is actually quite easy. Likewise picking up a plate and positioning it is fiddly the first two or three times but after that we could do it with near perfect precision every time.

Admittedly this is a game for six years and up so they may struggle for longer but once you have a good rhythm going it’s hard to mess up over a short distance. Which is probably why the designers of the game have specified it’s for two players and recommended some competitive elements in the manual.

The machine that spins your plates also has a timer built in with a clearly displayed countdown like a clock’s face. This is what makes things interesting. Your opposing player has to hide the plates around the room which means before you can even start spinning them you have to play a game of hide and seek.

You can also make things harder by adding in obstacles (not included) between the spinning machine and the stands which increases the chance of messing up and needing to start again. All whilst under the threat of a ticking clock.

When you finish your go there are markers included to show your time on the clock and then it’s up to the other players to try and beat you. This turns what would have been a rather easy game in to something far better with added challenge.

So if you’ve ever wanted to give plate spinning a go and your parents / significant other won’t let you near the special plates (for when the Queen visits) then this is one solution. It’s an easy to play game that can be made as complicated as you want simply by a little imagination.

Spin Mania is created by Drumond Park

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