Friday, September 28, 2012

Foooz Pro Match Set Review

I’ve never really liked Football, and a part of me wonders if some of that lack of interest was because I never played Subbuteo. So when Foooz arrived I was worried that I wouldn’t like it because a) Football isn’t really my thing and b) I never liked Subbuteo, which on face value this seems very similar to. Thankfully Foooz is actually more like something else, something I enjoy very much.

That something is table football, and Foooz is like a stripped down version where you control only 2 footballers (or more if you buy extra add on packs). Players each place a goal on the table and they hold a footballer in their hand. The footballer has two arms, one of which rotates and one which doesn’t. That means you keep hold on one side and use the other to spin the footballer around so he can kick the ball. If you’re left handed you simply move the footballer’s head around and you can play too.

There’s 'boots' included that you can add to your footballer which have a curve at the bottom. This lets you flick the ball upwards more and creates a more unpredictable game, as rather than just watching a flat area, you also have to consider a vertical range of movement. There’s also a sheet you can attach to the goal which has holes to shoot the ball through for different points. As better scoring holes are higher up, the boots are perfect in helping you chip the ball in.

In terms of more typical matches, I found the game had an even closer comparison to Air Hockey, in that it’s a fast paced 1 vs 1 player game with a single object moving quickly. Like air hockey you could choose to have a middle line that players can’t cross, or you can have carnage like we had and just go for the ball regardless of where it is.

When we played we allowed handball to pass as acceptable (for the hand holding the footballer) as it seemed like the best way to block the goal and an inevitability that a hand would get in the way. Although you could be stricter if you wished. With a game like this it’s easy to create new ways of playing that suit you.

That’s why there are battle card included, each of which had a different trick shot to perform. I was disappointed that the game didn’t include all the cards, but a Foooz YouTube channel explains them all so you can see them there.

These cards challenge you to either complete a trick shot on your own or against another player to see who can do it first. For example you could be challenged to do a bicycle kick in to your own goal. They’re fun little challenges and rated with stars based on their difficulty. At first I found even the basic ones difficult, but I can see how with practice you could master them.

Foooz was never going to convince me to like Football but it does a good job of playing on other great 2 player pub games like Air Hockey and Table Football, without taking up masses of space in your living room. It’s an easy game to set up which is quick and fun too.

Foooz is Created By Drumond Park

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