Thursday, July 05, 2012

I Need Your Help: An Author's Marketing Challenge (#freebieman)

On 27th July I’m conducting a big experiment and I need your help. With an awesome money-can’t buy prize for everyone who gets involved.

It's been a year since I wrote my book - Free Stuff Everyday - my easy to follow guide on how to get products for free, and why that's great for companies too. Since then I’ve had a fantastic time and been amazed by the positive responses from people with reviews, and comments.

I’ve tried various methods of promotion in the last year including paid adverts, publishing a print edition and generally trying to raise awareness through social media. But it occurred to me, what if rather than trying to promote the book month after month I bet everything on a single day.

That day is the 27th July. The plan; to reach the top 100 Kindle books chart on Amazon. To do that I need you.

There's two reasons I'm doing this. The first is simply that as a new author with an unknown book it's incredibly hard to get known and to achieve a large amount of traction. For a lot of readers, the top 100 is a safe haven of known titles and is a great first place to go for new books. It is however mostly filled with known authors, or books that have had a lot of viral marketing success.

The highest I’ve placed before is 900th which felt fantastic. I was in a pub at the time with friends and proceeded to run around the bar telling complete strangers about it. It quickly fell down  the rankings and has since had an interesting back and forth around the top 30,000 - 10,000 sales. So I'm interested to see that if I put all my efforts in a single day, whether that would be enough to break through to the mainstream.

The 2nd aspect is that the digital marketer in me would also love to see what happens when a book hits the top 100. Will it stay there, boosted by the improved awareness people have of it? Will it be easier to arrive back in the top 100 if that happens? Or will it drop like a stone and be the same as always? Whatever happens I’d love to see, and the only way to do that is to break through to the chart.

There’s lots of ways you can help make this a reality:

• Share this blog post any time before the 27th
• Read and review the book
• Tell your friends about this challenge and ask their help
• Interview me for your blog or website (email me)
• Like the book's Amazon page
• Submit and vote up this blog post on social bookmarking sites
• Leave a blog comment below with more ideas

On the 27th July share a link to the book’s Amazon page with one of the links below:

Amazon UK -
Amazon US -

If not in the UK or US please share the US link. There are also print editions at (UK) and (US) if you'd prefer to share them.

This can be shared on social media, blog posts or any way you like. If you’re using Twitter, then the hashtag #freebieman or my username @koozai_mike would also be great in helping me keep track of who has shared the link. It's fine if Twitter shortens the link too.

The Reward

To show my thanks for everyone who helps I wanted to offer a really unique prize, something that money can’t buy.

If you help with this challenge I will include your name in a page of dedications in the Free Stuff Everyday eBook

Once the challenge is over, I’ll compile the names of everyone who helped and add a brand new page to the digital edition. Your name will be immortalised in the eBook and in all future online editions. Pretty unique right?

Plus if any of your friends help as well, they’ll also be included.

To lend a hand on the 27th and confirm you’d like to take part (it'll take 10 seconds) then simply leave your email address below and I'll send you a reminder on the 27th:

Alternatively you can contact me on Twitter, Google+ or email which will help me keep track of who is getting involved.

I’m really excited to see if together we can achieve this. No matter what happens with the experiment (good or bad) I will be posting the results in a blog post in an effort to help other authors and as an insight for those who help.

UPDATE #1: Thanks to everyone who shared this blog post today, we are well on our way. One of the main questions I've been asked is if I can remind everyone before the 27th. If you tweet me, Google+ me or email me then I will be sure to contact you the day before as a reminder. Drop me a message on one of the above and you can put your feet up for 2 weeks :)


  1. A big thanks to @Captain_Peanut for being the first to volunteer and @Iamoldskool for voting this up on

  2. Nice; eight more takers from Twitter who have pledged to help. You all rock!


  3. Anonymous12:55 pm

    You don't publish comments that are even slightly negative. Interesting Mike!

    1. Actually I do... your comment is right here: I assume it's you, hard to tell as it's "anonymous".

  4. I shared your book to my Google Plus followers! I don't have many, but I love the Challenge. Good luck!

  5. Hello Mike,
    Thanks for sending me the book and it was a nice read.
    The best part is whatever you have written in the book, you are actually implementing it and setting yourself as an example.
    Overall it's a good read and will help alot of individuals and companies.

    Very few individuals and companies go out there and shout for help and there could be may reasons: Ego, Self Centric, Shy, worry that their repute will damage,etc etc. You broke all chains and step forward setting a new trend that there is nothing wrong in shouting for help.

    I am giving you:
    +1 on Inbound, A tweet via @youramir and +1 and share via Google+ from Amir Abbas and Facebook of course.
    I would encourage everyone to do the same. Don't be shy, help Mike reach his goals.

    Amir Abbas

  6. Tweeted via @SaveMoneyHound.

    Happy 1st Anniversary for your book "Free Stuff Everyday"!

    Great insight into blagging.


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