Thursday, May 31, 2012

How To Get Free Sunglasses

Sarah, a Content Specialist for Sunglass Warehouse, knows all about ways to get discount sunglasses for free - she’s the one giving them away! 

Check out these eight tips - at least one of them will get you some free sunglasses!

I love the hunt of a good bargain -- comparison shopping, couponing, and deal hunting are some ways that I save my pennies. But nothing quite beats the rush of scoring an awesome freebie. Sunglasses are one of my favorite things to get for free, and it’s relatively easy to never pay for them. Here are my tips and tricks on how to score some free shades!

1. Search online -- It costs manufacturers dollars to make a pair of sunglasses, so they’re often used as freebies to entice people to buy. Do a search for “free sunglasses” and see what results show up. Just be sure to use your judgment; you do not want to sign up for a scam!

2. Enter giveaways -- For the same reason listed in the first tip, companies often find bloggers to host free sunglasses giveaways. Search for fashion, review, and giveaway bloggers who are hosting giveaways, and sign up for as many as you find. Don’t forget to check back to see if you win!

3. Review some shades -- If you have a blog, reach out to sunglass brands and show your interest in reviewing a pair of shades. They’ll send you some freebies, and in exchange you’ll write about them and link to them. This is mutually beneficial to you and the brand.

4. Take defectives -- Most stores that sell a decent amount of sunglasses have boxes of defective sunglasses that gather dust. Often times what they consider “defective” is a quick repair away from being good as new. It’s usually as easy as popping a lens back in or tightening a screw. It’s worth a shot asking if you can have a pair of these fixer-uppers.

5. Host a swap -- With the economy, “swaps” are gaining popularity. For a swap, invite a group of friends to bring clothing and accessories that they don’t wear anymore, but someone else might love. You could ask everyone to bring a pair of sunglasses -- everyone will go home with a pair that’s “new” to them!

6. Barter -- You might not be able to walk into a big shop and barter for a pair of sunglasses. However, if you head to a flea market, I can almost guarantee you’ll find a vendor who sells shades -- again, because they’re cheap to buy wholesale. Maybe bring a few things with you that you don’t use, but someone else might find handy. Try to strike a deal!

7. Shop garage sales -- I love a good garage sale. Unless something is valuable, most people just want garage sale items gone. If you buy something, see if the seller will throw a pair of sunglasses in for free.

8. Claim lost shades -- Check lost and founds for sunglasses. I’d bet money that sunglasses are one of the most-lost items. It’s too easy to set a pair down and leave them. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that.) Stores, pools, gyms, and restaurants are places where sunglasses are often left. If the sunnies have been there for longer than a month, chances are whoever lost them isn’t returning.

Follow these tips -- and never pay for sunglasses again!

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  1. Always after a new pair of sunglasses Mike! Especially as I live in Australia.

  2. Thanks for the tips Mike. Will come in real handy. Shame that the summers ending soon.


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