Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Six Savvy Ways to Save on Fashion (And Maybe Snag a Freebie on the Way)

Thanks to Nate at for this excellent guest post:

Unless you’re fabulously wealthy, clothes and accessories are probably something you want a lot of, but restrain from indulging in. But believe it or not, there are ways to get nice clothes for cheap (or even sometimes for free!).

Read on for my tried-and-true tricks on how to save on fashion.

Flash sales

What’s a flash sale? It’s a bargain hunter’s best friend. Online retailers have flash sales to sweep out merchandise. A flash sale offers shoppers highly discounted merchandise for a limited amount of time. Famous flash sale sites for fashion are Gilt, Hautelook, RueLaLa, The Outnet, Ideeli, and Beyond the Rack. Keep in mind that while these sites offer significant discounts, it’s on designer items -- items that were really expensive in the first place. If you don’t care about labels, read on.

Shop “inspired by” items

There are so many ways get a designer look for less. If you find an expensive style you like, shop around to find a similar look that doesn’t cost as much. For example, before buying $62 Missoni thigh high socks, find a retailer that sells only socks. You can find similar thigh high socks at Socks4Life for only $7.95. Wanna get cheaper? Keep reading...


You can find really nice second-hand clothes at thrift shops, consignment shops, and donation stores. Ask your favorite stores what days they add new inventory so you can be the first to check out new merchandise. If your motto is “the best things in life are free,” my next tips are for you...

Entering contests and giveaways

Brands work to build relationships with bloggers, which results in a bevy of online giveaways. For an online giveaway, you’ll have to jump through hoops: Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, leave a comment, etc. Find fashion bloggers who hold giveaways, follow them, and enter their contests whenever they pop up. I usually don’t win things, but I did score a free pair of designer boots once.

Scour the web for freebies

You’d be surprised at how much free swag you can find. Mike wrote a great post on how to get free bags online. You can use the same principles to find other fashion freebies. Just be careful to not sign yourself up for a scam -- again, follow Mike’s advice. My friend had her bank account drained when she thought she was signing up to get free teeth whitening strips.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is a great way to get freebies. But I have to warn you: Blogs are hard work. You’ll have to maintain your blog and post great content for brands and companies to consider sending you free things. If you’re fashionable and into writing and photography, you can start a fashion blog. If you do a good job, brands might want to send you merchandise to write about (and you get to keep it). Or, you can start a review/giveaway blog. These don’t require as much fashion-forward thought -- but companies will send you products to review, write about, and link to.

So you see, it’s possible to be fashionable on a shoestring!

Thanks again to Nate at for writing up this article on some great ways to fashionably save for any wardrobe!

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