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Frugal Living: 5 Easy Money Saving Tips

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It seems like recession is here to stay- at least for a while- and thys many of us need to start rethinking our personal finance and frivolous ways of spending money we are accustomed to. Being frugal is a great quality these days and approaching our finances the right way can definitely give us a piece of mind for a long term - no matter what times we are living in.

Here are 5 really useful money saving tips anyone can benefit from on a daily basis.

1. Save Money on Gas (Petrol)
Gas is becoming more and more expensive, and its expense makes a big hole in our budget. So to combat this you should:

1) Maintain your vehicle in a great shape: do regular oil changes, have tires inflated, get air filters changed etc., so your vehicle runs smoothly, thus it will use less gas

2) Use cruise control whenever you can – steady driving will improve your fuel economy

3) Whenever you can, combine all your trips into one to run errands. Calculate the most efficient route for it

4) Try to walk whenever possible – you will kill 2 birds in one shot: lose weight and save money on gas

2. Save Money on Eating Out
Ok, let’s face it: a lot of us are lazy these days and prefer not to cook our own meals. Eating is the easy option but also the expensive option.

Try to buy groceries and cook healthy meals. If you don’t have time to cook, even buying frozen meals will save you lots of money instead of going out to eat.

If you absolutely have to go to eat out, save money on the following:
1) Choose only affordable restaurants: go for lunch and dinner specials, share a meal with your partner instead of buying two dinners. This way you will eat healthy and won’t overeat

2) Skip desserts and alcohol which are costly items on the menu

3) Get discount coupons for restaurants utilizing websites like They have over 13,000 restaurants in their database. They have deals like: get a $25 gift certificate for only $10, etc.

3. Find Weekly Deals and Coupons
There is a great website I discovered recently called

It’s a huge online community with forums on food, health, money, etc. where you can find printable coupons to your favorite stores and sign up for their weekly email newsletter.

4. Save Money on Big Ticket items
Looking to buy anything for $20 or more? The best site to do price comparison shopping is

You will not only find the lowest prices on products on this site, but also a lot of valuable information like store ratings and product reviews.

5. Lower Your Power Bill
There are lots of things you can do to save money on your energy bill like:

1) Adjust your thermostat before leaving the house and going to bed

2) Keep your blinds and curtains closed

3) Unplug electronics and appliances that are not in use

4) Get rid of your old inefficient refrigerator

5) Use more energy during off-peak hours when it’s less expensive

Hopefully these money saving tips will help you to live a better lifestyle on less, saving a good chunk of your hard-earned money.

Just remember that the Internet can be a great resource with unlimited opportunities if you are looking for ways to save money.

What kind of money saving tips and ideas do you have? Please join our discussion!

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