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4 Ways to Save Money on Office Supplies

Today Sylvia Rosen is going to save your office money:

As an office manager or the owner of a small company, you may be surprised to find how expensive it is to order office supplies on a monthly and yearly basis. But this is where many business owners come to a crossroads… Basic office supplies are something that employees can’t do without, yet office supplies may be eating into your yearly profits. This article explains four great ways to cut those costs.

Is there a way to have the best of both worlds? Check out these helpful tips to save money on ordering office supplies while still stocking your office with the tools that it needs to maintain productivity:

Order Office Supplies At The Same Time Each Month

If employees constantly come to you with requests for random office supplies, inform them of your monthly ordering policy. This will require employees in need of supplies to submit their request in writing, where it will be added to the monthly inventory list.

This approach will help to save you serious money on a monthly and yearly basis since you will only be ordering items that are needed in bulk instead of individually.

Submit Bulk Orders Online

The large majority of online retailers will provide free shipping for orders of $50-$75 or more. When you follow the tips above and only order necessary office supplies once a month, you will earn free shipping with each order, as long as it exceeds the order minimum.

When you do the math, you will save at a very minimum $600 per year on shipping, if not more. If you are ordering on an as-needed basis, you could waste hundreds of dollars on unnecessary shipping per month.

Buy Generic, If At All Possible

Although the local office supply industry was once booming, it saw an annual growth decrease of 4.2% in 2011, according to Ibis World. The reason? Many experts speculate it is because of the wide availability of generic office supplies at a cheaper price, both online and off-line.

For the vast majority of office supplies, like staples, paper, rubber bands, paper clips, and the like, generic brands will provide the same quality as more expensive brands at a lower cost. You can save money each month by purchasing generic; even the difference of a few cents per product will add up over time.

Use Internet-Based Office Phone Systems

Although many people don’t consider a phone system to be a technical office supply, your standard phone bundle package could add up to hundreds of dollars extra tacked onto your yearly budget.

In many cases, when a company switches to a VoIP phone system, they are required to buy new hardware, which could be expensive. However, if you have a fairly new phone system, you will normally only need to buy new software to upgrade to a cheaper Internet-based plan. For most small to medium-sized businesses with up to 500 employees, this is the most affordable option by far.

Saving money on office supplies is possible. Saving money on small things like rubber bands and paper will allow your business to save so you can spend big in the future, and on more important office equipment.

About The Author
Sylvia Rosen is a web content writer with a background in newspaper journalism. She connects with business professionals to write articles on a variety of industry topics, such as new office telephone systems.

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  1. Buying 'generic' office supplies is a great idea. Like you say, the quality is likely to be virtually identical and the difference in cost is huge in some cases.

    The idea of ordering in bulk once a month is great too. It sounds so obvious but you would be amazed how many offices do not follow this principle, wasting so much money in the process.

    Good article.


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