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3 Ways to Get Free Baby Stuff

A big shout out to Phill from Free for this excellent guide on how to get free stuff for babies.

Having a baby can be very expensive, so you need to be on the lookout for every deal you can get. Whether that means shopping around for the best store brand formula and baby food or clipping coupons for nappies, every little bit is going to a big help in the long run. Here are three tips for finding free baby stuff.

Befriend Other Parents

The biggest benefit of befriending other parents is actually going to be the advice they give you. You won't always agree with them, everybody has their own way of being a parent, but their experience will nevertheless be a tremendous help to you.

As a bonus, when you're friends with other parents, they already have car seats that their children have outgrown, clothing they can't wear anymore, bottles, sippy cups and other dishes that the kids can't use and a whole lot of other baby stuff that they may just be willing to pass down to you. Nobody wants a huge baby crib taking up half of their garage, so don't be surprised if they help you cut your baby shopping budget in half in those first months.

Online Surveys

It takes a little bit of a time investment, but there are all sorts of surveys online that will pay people cash, coupons and gift certificates for taking them. If you find a site that regularly posts such opportunities for parents, you may just find yourself spending next to nothing on baby formula or food.

For obvious reasons, these surveys aren't always a reliable means of getting hold of what you need, rather, they can be a tremendous opportunity, now and then, to get baby food, formula, clothing and other items at a severely reduced cost or even totally free.

Coupon Clipping and Promotion Hunting

Coupon clipping can find you a lot of buy one get one free deals, formula, food and other items at half price and less, and if you keep an eye on the paper, you might even get a chance to take part in a market study that supplies you with free baby food or formula.

These promotions always involve food and products that have been cleared for health and safety, so what they're trying to find out is usually which foods babies prefer and so on. Assuming your baby doesn't have any serious allergies to the ingredients, these studies can be fun to take part in and they can keep you stocked up on certain staples in exchange for helping them do a little research.

In truth, finding free and cheap stuff for your baby is all about developing an instinct for hunting down deals. Knowing which thrift stores stock baby clothes for cheap, knowing what to buy in bulk to bring the cost down, knowing what brand of cheap nappies actually works as well as the expensive brand and so on. After you've been a parent for a little while, chances are you'll have a few shopping tips of your own.

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