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Free Videogames – Four Ways to Get Game Freebies

Discover the techniques that netted me over 200 free video games, as well as how you can make money playing video games.

From exclusive schemes offered by Nintendo and Microsoft, to a guide on trading in games and making your money back, this guide will arm you with everything you need to know to save money on your next game.

Become a Games Tester
Becoming a games tester is an excellent untapped way of getting free games. There’s two ways to do this. The first is to do it as a full time job (Lots of good guides here) which is ok but means you’ll be testing one game over and over and over ....

The second way is to take part in Alpha and Beta testing for new releases. This is far less time consuming and lets you get early access to titles before your friends. File Planet has an excellent list of free Beta’s that you can join right now. If you’re more of an Xbox gamer then join the Microsoft Beta Program or for Nintendo they have a program as well. I’ve yet to find a Sony Beta program but they do have a TV show on how to become a tester on the PS Network.

Review them
I got over 200 video games this way, and these were the first type of product I ever received for free. One day a video game journalist asked me if I’d ever received a free game, I hadn’t and so the challenge was on. I soon learnt that writing reviews is an excellent way of getting free games.

You can do this by starting a blog, filming videos of yourself playing games, drawing comics about your favourite games. Anything goes. The important thing is to show you are passionate about games, and to share your experiences with those games. After that it’s a case of emailing companies directly (which I cover in more detail in Free Stuff Everyday) and building up a relationship so they send you games regularly.

Play Them Online
Over the last year, a lot of companies have started free to play online gaming services, where you get traditionally paid for games for free if you watch an advert. Try as one example. They have almost 1,000 games accessible free of charge, if you simply watch an advert for less than a minute.

You can also play countless games for free via Facebook or if you have a smart phone via the iPhone app store or Android store. There’s never been a wider range of free games available, and some real gems are available. Occasionally app’s are given away for free as part of one day promotions – and you can get notified when a game you want drops by installing Appbzr to your phone.

Trade Ins
If it wasn’t for trading games in, I’d have missed out on a lot of great video games. If you finish a game and it’s unlikely you’ll play it again, you should get down to your local video game store as soon as possible to trade it in. The longer you leave it, the less you’ll get – and games can be traded in for credit now towards future purchases – so even if you see nothing you want now, it’s worth getting the credit.

Another great tip is to play the trade in prices of stores against each other. In the UK Gamestation often say they will beat trade in prices by £1. So if you visit other local stores and ask for their prices first, you can then ask Gamestation to match it. I’ve done this multiple times and convinced Gamestation to give me a higher trade in price, than the price they sell the game for 2nd hand. It’s great that they honour this offer.

You can take this a step further by checking trade in prices on and the HMV Re/play app (UK only) and then buying games online that are on special offer, if they have a higher trade in value. It’s possible to make money this way, and all you need to do is do a quick 2 minute check on the above sites to see if you can make money before you head down to the shops.

Any more tips? Leave them below.

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