Monday, February 13, 2012

Anxiousness Scheduler? Now There's A Challenge

Anxiousness Scheduler isn’t a phrase you hear every day. In fact it’s probably not a phrase you’ve ever heard of before. That is unless you’ve read Dave Gorman’s book about Google Whacking.

Several years ago there were no pages online for this term, but you can expect a lot more to be made in the next month, thanks to a company challenge I’m taking part in.

The majority of the Koozai SEO team have embarked upon one challenge, to be number one for the term Anxiousness Scheduler within one month. With only 60 pages online at the moment, that’s a pretty easy challenge, however we’re all competing against each other! So that’s a lot of experienced SEO’s all trying to take home the prize.

What’s at stake:
  • £100 cash
  • One days paid holiday
  • And most importantly pride!
Yep, as you can imagine the race to be number one is going to become very heated. Anxiousness Scheduler may not be a phrase we’d heard of before today, but it is bound to be frequently mentioned around the Koozai office.

To keep us in check the following rules were set:
  1. You can’t do anything you wouldn’t do for a client
  2. Only white hat SEO
  3. No outsourcing or teaming up
  4. No exact match domains
  5. Have fun 
So for now, this is my effort, a simple page that mentions the keyword a few times, has an alt tagged image and a URL with the keyword in it. I’ll add some links on social bookmarking websites, drive links from other sites and try to stir up enough ranking signals to make me the winner. You can also help by clicking the social buttons at the bottom or linking to this page (worth a try right?).

If you’ve never heard of SEO before, it’s a little more complicated that just doing a checklist of things. So getting number one for Anxiousness Scheduler is going to be tricky, and with many different approaches across the team – we’ve already seen Google+ profiles registered and there’s talk of Squidoo pages being made – it’ll be very interesting to see what does emerge as the victor.

Sadly this is an internal competition only, but we will be discussing the challenge on the Koozai blog so you can read more there. The deadline to be number one is 12th March 2012, and the victor will then be declared. Pride, money and holiday will be won by the victor, and humble pie (which the winner must buy) will be eaten by the losers.


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