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20 Ways to Get Free Cinema Tickets

So there are obviously tons of ways to see movies illegally, but what about ways to see movies for free that won't land you a spell in prison?

Even better what about ways to get free tickets that give you exclusive chances to speak to film makers, see films months before your friends and influence the next big blockbuster? This guide has 20 ways that let you do just that.

But Why?

All of these things are possible and they are made so thanks to preview screenings that are arranged by all of the big UK film distributors. These preview screenings are a way for the distributors to collect feedback on films, try out alternate endings and plan their marketing strategies. They are in every way legal, and you get to watch a whole movie for free and fill in a short survey at the end (which then goes on to make the film even better so if you ever see it again, you can say "I made that scene").

For some of these screenings the films already completed, in which case companies show them to you for free in the hope you will share the experience with your friends, come back again at full price or pick them up later on DVD. As for the cinemas they are happy to put on these free screenings and charge for popcorn, drinks etc in the hope this will make back the revenue they lost by showing the film (oh and if the film companies are collecting data they will usually pay the cinema for the privilege).

So let's get started:

Screenings by Film Studios

Disney Screenings: for free screenings of Disney movies including animated classics and real action gems.

Momentum Screenings Club: They have a stupidly long form to fill in, but it means you get films targetted to your interests so that's a plus. It's nice to see such a big name studio doing free tickets too.

Free Cinema Tickets by Newspapers

Times Preview Sceenings: – You can get free tickets by being a Times subscriber at this website. Although these offers are for paying customers of the Times they often open up to everyone if they don’t sell out straight away.

Telegraph Subscribers: Organised by the same website as the Times, Telegraph subscribers can also get their hands on free tickets here.

Cinemas offering Free Tickets

Picture House Cinemas: Via Show Film First - Register to get the most recent updates on tickets for Picture House, a smaller UK chain of cinemas.

Vue: You can use Show Film First to get free tickets for Vue just by joining their list and keeping an eye out for codes around the web.

Free Cinema Tickets.Org UK - A long name, but a good place to get free tickets non the less. A handy site as they tell you everything you need to know without forcing a signup.

Points Cards

Odeon: Although it costs £2 to signup Odeon have a points card that means every few films you’ll get enough points to see a free movie. They give you points for signing up so the £2 generally cancels itself out. Keep an eye on special offers to rack up the points quicker.

Nectar Cards: You can turn nectar points in to free cinema tickets at Vue, with 500 points taking £2.50 off the ticket price.

Tesco Clubcard Points: Can be exchanged for Cineworld vouchers. £4 worth of points will get you one free ticket.

Phone Companies

02 Priority Moments: As part of their “priority moments” you could get free cinema tickets with 02 in 2011 so if you’re an 02 customer it’s worth keeping an eye open to catch these next time around.

Orange Wednesdays: Still going strong after all this time, Orange give their customers 2 for 1 cinema vouchers every Wednesday.

TV / DVD Companies

Sky Rewards: For free cinema tickets with sky you'll need to be a Sky Movies customer. If you get the weekly Sky email this alerts you to new tickets so be sure to read it as quickly as possible.

Virgin Media: Give their customers one free pair of tickets a month, so you can't go wrong.

Love Partnering with various distributors Love Film is a good place to check for free screenings. They gave away a ton of film tickets in 2011 so watch their blog for news.

Blinkbox: Work together with Free Cinema Tickets UK to give away new tickets. They don’t do them very often, but it’s one to bookmark and keep an eye on.


Hot UK Deals: Cinema tickets get posted on Hot UK Deals at least once a week. You can use this custom search to always find them

Money Saving Expert: Click the link to see a forum full of eagle eyed people who are very quick to spot a good free cinema ticket.

And more!

: Reguarly do free film tickets if you fill up your car there. The most recent offer is if you fill up three times over £30 you get a free ticket. Worth doing if you already use Esso.

Cinemas Exhibitiors Association Limited: If you are on Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance or are a registered blind person you are entitled to one free ticket a week.

Anymore for anymore? If so share them below and let me what you think of the screenings above.

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    Great guide! You missed a source though. There is also an app for Android users called See For Free. You can get it at


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