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Street Surfing Whiplash Review

One of the coolest presents I ever got was a skateboard from my Aunt and Uncle. However I was utterly rubbish at it, and found myself struggling to get any traction, even on really steep hills. The second I got any speed I would fall off the board, or the wheels would grind mysteriously and cause the board to stop. Over 15 years later I return for round two, this time trying out an even more advanced piece of extreme sports kit – The Whiplash.

The Whiplash has the type of name that makes inexperienced riders fear it, but in reality it’s quite easy for a new rider to give it a go. As it’s a scooter you have the added stability of the handlebars, making it easier to use than a skateboard. Whilst it has two wheels instead of four, these are big wheels, and the board is designed to allow you to distribute your weight evenly across the entire surface so it’s easy to get a balance.

Although the box says for ages 7+ and features images of kids, it is possible for an adult to use the Whiplash thanks to an adjustable handlebar. You can set the height as required through two tubes with levers and feel safe that this will hold in place as you speed along.

This handlebar turns the bottom wheel through a full 360 degrees, giving you control over the direction you take, but also allowing the board to hang, so it can move independently through tricks. The dream trick being to get enough air so you can flick the board around all the way and then land back on it.

When using the board this is a good system, as the freeness of the front wheel makes steering really easy, with everything moving along in a forward motion depending on where the front wheel is angled. The back wheel has a separate axis, but when you’re in motion this follows the front wheel, rather than rattling or causing a conflict between the two directions. Even if you land funny, the back wheel quickly gets back to the forward direction.

Although the wheels are big, the axis are small, giving you a really tight turning circle and freedom of movement. It’s also easy to flick the board in the air by lifting the handlebars in to the air and jumping slightly. Having handlebars makes you feel in control and I’d find it hard to use a skateboard, knowing that the Whiplash gives such a good feeling of confidence in comparison.

One time you might lose confidence is during air time, if you choose to move your feet from the board. Even then, unless you’ve deliberately swung the board around, it tends to reset back to centre on its own. As long as you keep the handlebars steady it’s quite a hard board to fall off of for basic use, unless you have a particularly terrible landing, or attempt hardcore tricks, it’s surprisingly safe for an “extreme sports” style scooter.

The other good feature is the pads themselves which feel like sandpaper, and give your feet an extra piece of grip. Although I first wondered if the middle of the board would twist, the two bases for your feet are just one solid board, which move as one, which is perfect for a beginner like me.

All in all The Whiplash is a solid scooter that feels well built and safe to use. I rarely felt out of control on it, and could see the potential for pulling off tricks for the more adventurous user. It’s ideal for kids who want an entry level scooter, that has the ability to do tricks, a high degree of free movement and a great design.

Provided by Street Surfing

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  1. Wow! Really amazing design of the surfing whiplash. Well i think the design is pretty comfortable and luxurious and specially the style and color scheme in it's manufacturing looks really effective. Well i think it is pretty amazing specially for kids and the design and material used in it looks pretty strong even a elder personal can stand and run it. Well thanks for sharing about it.


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