Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree Review

Presents - Done. Elf on the telly - Sorted. Christmas Party - Booked. Lots of food – Ordered. That just leaves one thing left to worry about – The Christmas tree. Last year was the first year I purchased a real tree and it took over an hour of picking them up one by one, spotting irregularities and then putting them back. So this year I handed all control over to Pines and Needles and tested a tree from them.

Knowing how long it had taken to find a perfect tree the year before, this was a scary thing to do, as it only takes one imperfection and everyone of your friends and family will point that out when they see your tree – e.g. “Why is your tree wonky? Why are those branches less thick?”. Ordering a tree online certainly comes with an element of risk and like buying bananas online from Tesco’s, there’s a worry you’ll end up with the bad ones.

Thankfully Pines and Needles sell thousands of trees online and also deliver them all over the UK so there’s no real worry of ending up with a bad tree. The tree comes bound up, and in a red protective sleeve which protects it from the elements. If you live in their catchment area you’ll also get it delivered by a guy in a Santa hat and a kilt which sadly I couldn’t enjoy.

Our tree was still hand delivered by a courier who handily followed the delivery instructions so we were able to receive it whilst out, without having it sit in a depo somewhere.

We received a 5th Nordmann Fir tree which although not a very tall tree, more than made up for it with a wide width, and an excellent top display of branches that had a sturdy crown like arrangement which was ideal for hanging a prized ornament on each branch.

The bottom half of the tree was one of the thickest I have seen but with clear branches that could easily hold ornaments and which were discernable from one another. This thickness carried all the way to the base, almost covering in the stump of the tree. We had to force it in to the stand to make it fit due to the excess branches at the bottom, but you could easily just cut off a few branches if you have the tools.

Colourwise, the tree had a mixture of strong green colours but with a slightly frosty look to it. Light shimmers off the branches and makes them look frozen, which is very festive to see. There was also a nice scent around the tree for the first few days we set it up, which hadn’t been lost in the delivery of the tree. The smell even had the added bonus of mellowing out our pets.

All in all getting a tree from Pines and Needles was far easier than traipsing around tree sales all afternoon, then cramming a tree in my tiny car. Instead it was delivered to my door with zero hassle and all setup in minutes. The tree itself was perfect for my home, and has yet to drop a needle in the week since we set it up.

Provided by the Christmas Trees team at Pines and Needles

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