Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hexbug Review

Bugs are taking over the world, scuttling around worksurfaces and multiplying in numbers. And yet, it’s a phenomenom that we’re happy to be a part of, or at least we are in the case of Hexbug, electronics critters that act like giant bugs, and take over homes with their buzzing and crawling.

Today’s review takes a look at these Hexbug's, and why they’ve become so popular that people are willing buy bugs.

The hexbugs have more in common with the image of a computer bug than household bugs. Shaped like a microchip, they have a set of plastic legs to support them. The legs don't actually propel the Hexbug around in a way you might expect. They work by virbating and this pushes them around with the legs moving back and forth as a result of the vibration.

It’s interesting to watch, and means that each Hexbug is very unpredictable in the way they move around. They tend to walk in a straight line and every so often deviate at around a 45 degree angle. If they hit a wall they do a great job of adjusting to the nearest available straight line, and even if they fall over the vibration tends to flip them back on their feet.

With a few Hexbugs at once, they also knock against each other and get bounced off to walk in a different direction. Not knowing exactly which way they will go at any time makes each Hexbug more interesting - and in a way lifelike - giving them unique personalities.

Our Hexbug had a habbit of scurrying down any exposed gaps in sideboards, and we had to move our washing machine to free him at one point. It’s best to close off an area for them before you start. I found a used Quality street tin made for an excellent play area for the Hexbugs to move around in.

Each Hexbug comes in little test tubes in a variety of colours, although this is merely a cosmetic difference. Batteries are included and they’re instant fun. An ideal stocking filler, guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any child or geek at heart.

Provided by Hexbug

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