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Eddingtons Reviews – Mince Pie Pan, Reindeer Nut Cracker, Pop-Up Timer

We have three festive themed kitchen product reviews today with products from Eddingtons. There’s a handy tray for cooking mince pies, a nutcracker in the shape of everyone’s favourite Reindeer, and a pop-up timer designed to help anyone cook the perfect Christmas turkey.

So as we get ready for the big day (and all the cooking!) let’s get stuck in to some revews:

Round Base Mince Pie Pan
This mince pie pan is comprised of 12 rounded tubs with slightly raised edges so you can roll the pastry over the edge and also so it’s easier to remove it afterwards. It’s really easy to grease up the tray as it has a non stick design and the natural mince pie shape means you can quickly fix any imperfections in your design by following the shape of the tray.

The dips seemed small to me so you can’t make really deep mince pies, unless you load them up and press the topping down afterwards. They will end up about the same height as any you’d buy at the supermarket and the tray fits 12 mince pies making this a good way to make lots of mince pies quickly. Thinking ahead to after Christmas you could use the tray to make mini muffins or jam tarts.

Reindeer Nut Cracker
With a festive red colour, this nut cracker has a Christmassy feel and is as red as the nose on Rudolph’s face. When I first saw this I assumed the reindeers bum would do the cracking (which is partly because of this present I received once) but thankfully they’ve gone for the more family friendly option of having you pull the reindeer's tail down to crush the nuts under his belly instead.

The tail doesn’t go all the way down to the base, so it’ll only work on big nuts (anything bigger than a brazil nut) which is worth bearing in mind if you wanted to use this for all nuts. It works great with bigger ones though, and you can apply a lot of pressure through the tail as it’s solid metal. The reindeer also has a nice shape so can be used as a kitchen ornament.

Pop-Up Timer
We previously reviewed this product, so here's the original review:

Next we have the Pop Up Timer for Turkey and Chicken which is designed to ‘take the guesswork out of cooking the perfect poultry’. What’s great about these devices is that they’re ace for anyone that doesn’t see themselves as a perfect chef yet wants to learn the ropes without having to constantly bug someone by asking ‘Is it done yet’ every five minutes.

Cooking poultry is an especially unnerving process for the uninitiated so it’s nice to see a device that at least makes things a little simpler. Once the chicken is cooked to perfection a little pin sticks out of the top of the device to let you know when to remove this. Sadly there’s no marker or line so there’s still some guesswork involved in guessing when it’s actually done and it’s really no replacement for good old fashioned intuition once you’ve cooked a few chickens. As a handy trainer it has potential but instead of asking ‘is it done?’ you may simply be asking ‘is the pin sticking out?’ instead.
(Original review)

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