Friday, December 16, 2011

Brainstorm RC Illuminated Moon Review

We’ve seen a lot of the moon lately (perhaps more than we’d like) thanks to dark Winter lights, and it remains an enduring mystery. How does it stay so light? Why does it look differently throughout the month?

You can now ponder these questions in your own home, with the Brainstorm RC Illuminated Moon, which we test in this review.

Ok so the answers to those particular questions in this case are – it has batteries, and because you turned it on – but you can still get the effect of moon light in your home with this toy. You get a moon which is flat on one side, and has a rounded shape on the other which emulates the pits and troughs of the moon. There’s also a remote control that can be used to control one of 12 lunar phases.

These phases work with the moon comprised of six sections that light on one by one, meaning there can be between one and six segment in a row lit up at any time, from left to right, making 12 possible cycles and eclipse like shapes. The remote allows you to turn off each of the sections one by one so you can switch from a full moon, down to a pattern of your choosing. Another button switches to an automatic moon that slowly cycles between the patterns.

It’s quite a faint light from the moon, so with the room light turned off it works as a nightlight, without flooding the entire room with light. Children could easily sleep with the moon on, although it automatically powers off so couldn’t be used as a nightlight all night long . It’s also a shame the remote won’t let you increase the amount of light from the moon, as that feels like a strange omission, although maybe that wasn’t possible on 4 AA batteries.

The moon works straight out of the box so there’s nothing to calibrate with the remote, and you can sit quite far away so it’s possible to lie down in bed and control the moon from a distance. The flat design means you can mount it on a wall and have it resting there waiting to light your room.

The RC Illuminated Moon does exactly as it promises. Whilst it’s a shame there’s only 12 possible shapes, it is true to the real thing, and does have a nice feeling of moon light. For a more exciting light show I’d recommend the Deep Space Projector, but for those who want a simple replica of the moon, this is the next best thing.

Provided by Brainstorm

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