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Box of Shocks Review

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We rarely get trick or treater’s at our house, however this year when expecting someone else, I was surprised to open my front door and see no-one there. Five second later, three kids jumped from either side of the door and shouted “trick or treat”. It made me jump better than any horror film, and was proof that people love a good scare. Halloween may be long gone now, but the Box of Shocks is designed to give you that opportunity to scare people all year round.

The Box of Shocks contains 13 tricks which are designed to make people “scream” and “gasp”. And some of them are certainly effective. All of the tricks rely on an element of surprise so to use them effectively it’s better to use one trick and then wait a while before deploying another (or people will understand what’s going on).

We tested every trick and despite being for eight years plus there were a couple of tricks that caught me out when they were tried on me. There’s a card trick that lets the pranker guess your card, which embarrassingly I couldn’t solve for 10 whole minutes. Another trick lets the pranker draw on your shirt with a black pen which is quickly removed – that was quite convincing.

Those two tricks didn’t shock me, however one of them certainly did. The “magic glass trick” allows the user to fill a cup with water and throw it over you. I flinched, honestly expecting to be soaked and yet I wasn’t. I won’t ruin the solution, but it’s very simple and an effective trick.

Box of Shocks Contents

Other clever gags include a rubber egg, a ketchup bottle that sprays you and a chewing gum container that squirts people. The least convincing tricks are those that contain plastic props such as a bent finger and a pen through the hand, which don’t seem very effective, perhaps because we’re all too familiar with these tricks.

One trick with a small prop that I did love involves a very small hand that steals coins. It’s surreal and bound to bring a little shock to everyone.

Almost all the tricks can be done within a minute of reading them, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours practicing them before unleashing them. It’s an easy set of tricks that vary in quality, but the standout shocks make up for the less effective props. And whatever you do, don’t open the Thingles can....

Provided by: Drumond Park

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