Thursday, November 24, 2011

UniBond Humidity Absorber Review

The UniBond Humidity Absorber works with a giant tablet called PowerTAB 2 in 1 that slots in to a top compartment. That’s actually all you need to do to set it up.

Once you remove the tablet from its packaging it starts to absorb humidity immediately and runs for about 6-8 weeks. There’s no batteries or power sources, just a giant tablet that sucks in excess humidity.

The “2 in 1” part of the name is because the tablet both absorbs humidity and neutralises odours. This means you can also get rid of the smell of damp and freshen-up musty smelling rooms. It won’t remove strong smells – so isn’t really a replacement for Glade plugins – but does get rid of mouldy smells and mildew like scents.

As the tablet works it turns in to liquid, which is stored in a bottom container. If I have a complaint, it’s that this bottom part didn’t feel very well held in place. Whilst it clips in place, it feels like the equivalent of clipping a button in to a place on a bedroom quilt. Certainly not a child proof lock, or strong enough for you to just hold the unit by the top part only when it’s full.

Due to this it’s recommended you keep the Unibond Humidity Absorber up high, out of the way of children and animals. Which is probably a safe rule, even if it had a super strong locking mechanism.

The bottom part fills up slowly so you’ll get a couple of month’s use from it, and there’s 2 tablets included allowing you to go for 3-4 months before needing to get a replacement. When you finish, there’s a spout to pour the liquid away, and then it’s a quick job of washing it before you can reuse it.

The design is very simple, with the shape of a large jug and without the power supply, it’s a very cheap solution to cutting down on condensation and tackling damp air build ups that lead to mould. At less than £10, it’s ideal if you need to tackle a few problem areas without breaking the bank.

Provided by Henkel

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