Monday, November 21, 2011

Thorntons Reviews – Advent Calendar and Beer Lovers

We’ve got two very different types of Throntons gifts to review today that are perfect gifts for two family members.

The first is a beer lovers gift set (which sadly doesn’t contain beer flavour chocolate) and the second, a large advent calendar is complete with a couple of surprises to take you through to Christmas day (and possibly beyond).

Large Advent Calendar

The nice thing about this advent calendar is it solves 2 common problems. Advent calendars with only 24 spaces always feel a little disappointing on day 25 (yes I know you’ll probably get more chocolate that you can eat on Christmas day but that’s not the point). So this advent calendar has a small slab for the 25th day, that you can get iced with a message. The slab is visible throughout the month so your recipient can see the message you’ve given them, and also have something to look forward to.

Secondly, there are three chocolate penguins included, which are also on show behind plastic windows. These fix problem number 2: what to do on days when one chocolate isn’t enough. Sure you could eat ahead to future days, but that always gets messy. Having three spare bonus chocolates is the perfect way to give yourself an extra treat without ruining the flow of the 24 days. Genius!

Beer Lovers Gift Set

If you know someone who is both a chocolate lover, and a beer lover, then this gift is a no brainer. The gift is split in to two parts – a 150 gram milk and white chocolate beer mug, and a beer guide with over 200 beers included. The book is fantastic – and I could easily write a review just about it. Each beer has a colour photo, historical info and testing notes. There’s everything from Irish beers to Norwegian beers with specifications for them all. It’s a great accompaniment to the chocolate gift, and offers something that lasts longer than the chocolate will.

The beer mug chocolate is a nice design and has a good texture which makes it fun to eat. There’s a frothy top on the beer, which even has dents for bubbles. The pint glass too, has detail, with raised edges on the pint glass. These are good design touches, and you can also get the beer mug iced with a message to round of this present.

Provided by Thorntons

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