Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sennheiser CX 281 Ear Canal Phones (Review)

Headphones are a fairly solo experience but every so often a friend will suggest you listen to something. Prompt annoying headphone sharing, and the eventual pulling of a headphone out of someone’s ears. Not very comfortable and not very fun. Sennheiser have the answer with their 'share adaptor' that comes with these stylish new headphones.

Which is great because the CX 281 headphones are incredibly snug. They’re called “ear canal heaphones” because they slot right in to your ear and extend in to the ear canal. So you can imagine someone pulling them out unexpectedly would be very annoying. Which is probably why they include a share adaptor as standard, so a friend can plug their headphones in to a second port, and then hear the same music.

It makes sense, and for Sennheiser it’s clear that having a comfortable listening experience is their goal. They even include two extra cover sets for the earphones so they can be changed in size to fit better in to your ear. The headphones themselves are small, so they can fit a range of ear sizes by switching the silicone ear adaptors.

There’s extra layers of design on display as well with a red outer coating, and a pouch included to carry them around safely. The pouch is a nice freebie bonus and overall the colour scheme is strong.

I tested the earphones through both my PC and home computer setup to see how they would handle a variety of sounds. The first thing I noticed was the extent to which low level sound effects were amplified and added to the overall effect. So sounds with subtle undertones were made stronger and in video games I was able to hear a lot of incidental effects that would otherwise have been missed.

This increased fidelity wasn’t at the expense of the core sound so when sampling the headphones on TV shows, the focus was mainly on the character dialogue which is great as through my normal TV I sometimes lose character voices in a mix of explosions and sound effects. That wasn’t the case with these earphones, which helped me catch more of the dialogue without missing the action.

Background noise isn’t completely silenced, but I was able to drastically reduce the sound of my dog barking (without having to deafen myself with a very high volume) which is a bonus. A volume slider means you can easily reduce the volume on the fly, so you can check out any external noises, and then resume, without having to grab for the remote.

The CX 281 earphones are effective with both low level and high level sounds, whilst offering a nice design and the added benefit of a share adaptor. It’s a great bundle, with comfortable earphones and everything you need to go with them.

Provided by Sennheiser

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  1. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Hi, Is the volume control has a level of zero. ?
    I do not I can completely turn down the music in my headphone.


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