Saturday, November 05, 2011

Padprop Review

Two weeks ago I would have given anything for the Padprop. Whilst attending a conference I tried to use an iPad to write and had to prop it up on my jacket to make it stable enough to write on. Even then it shifted and was a real pain. 2 days later the Padprop arrives promising to make these worries go away. Bad timing, but if it could help for next time I was certainly up for testing it out.

The Padprop is a portable stand for the iPad which slides down the sides to keep it tightly in place. Because the device is tight it only works if using an iPad in a landscape orientation (on its side) so that’s a minor niggle if you prefer to write in portrait. The device itself has a thong like shape, with a wide end to hold the iPad and a short end that props it up.

This is a good system as had the device been equal shapes all around you wouldn’t be able to place the short end between your legs - which provides a natural prop to keep everything upright. It also means you can grip with your legs and stop the iPad from shifting about. In practice this really works well, and would have been ideal for my conference trip.

The base is also thick enough to support the iPad when used on a desk. So you can type with the iPad on your desk without having to unnaturally hunch over it. That also makes it handy for train trips, the office or any other place where you can lean the iPad on your lap or a flat surface.

Dragging around a heavy stand to all of these places wouldn’t work, which is why weight is worth bearing in mind. You can tell the Padprop is light as soon as you pick up the box it comes it (which weighs so little, I assumed the box would be empty). The Padprop itself weights less than a packet of crisps, making it handy for all occasions. It’s also sturdy enough to throw in a bag and carry around with you.

Last of all there’s one more nice touch - with the back of the Padprop carved out for you to store headphones. You place them in and slide in a cable cover to hold everything in place. It’s simple enough, and doesn’t destroy the design.

All in all, Padprop is the device you’ll wished you’d owned sooner. It’s handy any time you need to type on an iPad, and can be adjusted for different users by changing the angle. You won’t regret using it, only not using it sooner.

Provided by Padprop

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