Monday, November 28, 2011

Leap Frog Peek-A-Shoe Talking Octopus Review

I know I’m not exactly the target audience, but testing toys for young children is surprisingly fun even when you’re an adult. I don’t think you ever lose that sense of wonder, and it’s easy to regress back in to that child like state of enjoying the lights and colours.

So reviewing the Leap Frog Peek-A-Shoe (for ages as young as 9 months old) was actually really easy and fun!

It helps that I have a niece and nephew who both fall in to the correct age bracket (9-36 months old) so I know what they like too, and they would definitely like this. Part guessing game, part sing-along, the Peek-a-Shoe game takes the form of a talking Octopus who sings songs about the underwater world, and who teaches you to count up to the number eight, and learn colours.

To play, you drop a coloured ball in to one of two holes, and then watch as it rolls down inside the octopus, before it is hidden from view in one of his five feet. You can then lift any of the feet up to hopefully expose the ball. If it’s not there you get told so, and the octopus confirms the number of the shoe, or its colour depending on the mode you are playing (chosen by sliding a switch).

Get it right and you get a nice British voice congratulating you, and you also get told the number / colour. It’s good visual and audio feedback coupled up with positive feedback for a fun learning experience. You can also lift the shoes up without dropping a ball, which teaches you their colours and numbers at any time, or can drop in more than one ball at once.

Each of the balls has a sea animal (including a turtle, seahorse and crab) displayed on them so you can teach your child about them, or play one of the included songs (by pressing a musical note button) which is focused on undersea life. Another song counts from 1-8, which seems an odd number to stop on, until you realise you’re playing with an Octopus and then it all seems rather logical.

As for my playtime with the toy I’m not ashamed to admit I did experience a moment of transgression, clapping my hands like a child on finding the ball quickly. As there’s no cheat to the game, it’s nice and random every time, and it doesn’t matter if you’re 1 or 81, finding that ball will make you feel proud. If it makes you happy then it’ll definitely maker your kids happy too.

Provided by: Leap Frog

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