Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kong Wubba Review

Last time I reviewed a toy for dogs I had to test it myself (with my own teeth).

Thankfully I’ve since learned the error of my ways and welcomed a dog in to my home which brings with it equal parts fun and terror. One of those moments of fun comes from playing with toys, and our dog Rosie loves stuffed animals. So today she is the tester, and is trying out the Kong Wubba toy.

Whilst Rosie couldn’t tell us what she thought she certainly seemed to be enjoying it. As with any of her new toys there was an initial moment of her seeking approval that the toy was for her, and that she wouldn’t get in trouble for taking it. We wiggled the toy back and forth and dragged it on the ground and within ten seconds she was jumping up and down in an attempt to get it.

The Kong Wubba toy has two rounded balls at the top and several tentacle like bits of fabric hanging down at the bottom. These bottom parts may look flimsy but they withstood a good amount of tugging from Rosie – a small but cocky Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The top balls mean you can flip it round and she can nom on those parts like a more traditional tug of war toy, whilst you hold on to the fabric.

One of the balls also has a squeaker so you can squeak that to tempt your dog to play or as a means of encouragement. One thing to note is that Kong Wubba isn’t a chew toy – presumably because of the squeaker – so it does need to be put away when play time is over.

So far the toy is damage free, which given Rosie’s strength in tug of war is something of a mean feat, and it’s also faring a lot better than the torn cuddly toys she had demolished in the past.

The Kong Wubba made an excellent toy for throwing and retrieving as well as tug of war challenges. Rosie liked fetch and play with both ends of the toy and instantly recognised it on future playtimes.

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