Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eye Scope Review (iPhone 4 Zoom Lens and Tripod)

I’m constantly impressed with the quality of the iPhone 4 camera, so much so that I borrow my wife’s iPhone for almost every photo you see on this website (in fact the only time I don’t use it is when I take a photo of an iPhone product).

So the Eye Scope caught my attention when I heard it lets you make the iPhone camera even better, by adding a Tripod and a zoom lens giving you 8x magnification.

The tripod has three legs which move up and down allowing you to set the height slightly. You have to set the legs quite wide in order to support the weight of the iPhone, so for really uneven surfaces it’s not very useful. It tends to work best on a flat surface, just to give you a bit of extra height and control. The legs have padded bottoms so won’t damage the surface you place them on, and they seem sturdy enough to cover plenty of uses.

Next you put a case on your iPhone, which has a slot to screw in the zoom lens. This doesn’t connect directly to the tripod, and instead you add a clamp around the iPhone which then screws on to the tripod. The clamp works well as it offers a really good grip on the iPhone and the mount lets you tilt it around 360 degrees to capture a shot.

The final step is to screw in the lens and you’re good to go. It takes less than a minute to set up, and is very simple to do so. The lens is very effective and as you can see it does deliver on the promises of a very strong zoom:

No Zoom Lens

With Zoom Lens

You can adjust the focus of the lens by tilting a dial on it, and a cleaning cloth is included to keep your shots perfect. There’s also two caps, one for each end of the zoom lens, which mean you can protect it in transport – as well as a carry case to keep everything in.

You could also use the lens without the tripod and although it does make your iPhone heavier at the front, it’s still very easy to take photos with two hands.

I’m really impressed with the Eye Scope as I expected a real loss in quality with the extra lens, but it delivered strong photos that were at the same level of quality as any normal photo. When you factor in how poor the built-in iPhone zoom is, then the Eye Scope is the missing piece of the puzzle for iPhone photographers.

The Eye Scope was provided for review by Find Me a Gift as part of their range of Christmas Gifts

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