Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dino Bite Review

A rampaging T-Rex is on the loose and he wants to steal and eat dinosaur babies. It’s up to you to save them one by one before it’s too late. Not quite the set-up for Jurassic Park 4, but it does set up today’s game review nicely: Dino Bite.

The concept is simple, remove dinosaur eggs one by one, before the T-Rex lunges forward to bite you. It’s buckaroo but with more growls.

That’s literal growls too. Dino Bite is powered by 2 AA batteries, which give the T-Rex a growling sound effect, as well as background jungle noises. This is a good touch, and makes the moment when the T-Rex lunges for you all the better as there’s a louder growl designed to make you jump. The lunge is also rather sharp and sudden and made us jump the first few times.

I also liked how the lunge seems random – unlike other games where you play for a few minutes and then can almost set your watch by the triggered moment. With Dino Bite we played one game where the T-Rex got us after 15 seconds. This made the game far more interesting, with a more Russian roulette feel.

As you collect dinosaur eggs you roll a dice which either tells you which colour to get, lets you pick any colour or skips your go entirely. As you have to pick the eggs out with tweezers whilst holding up a “leaf” it is fiddly having to pick a specific colour, knowing that the dinosaur could lunge for you at any time. We found the tweezers really tricky to open, so played instead with fingers, which did make it easier, but equally enjoyable.

Dino Bite is a quick paced game that is fun to play and easy to explain to anyone. It’s perfectly pitched for ages 4+ and will keep them entertained, and what it lacks in depth, it makes up for with a good core mechanic and genuine shocks.

Provided by Drumond Park

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