Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cutey Charm Bracelet Review

There’s times when I look at premium products and think that they are worthy of their price tag, and other times it’s clear the price tag is just excessive money grabbing. Which is why I’m glad a lot of companies have provided cheaper versions of Pandora bracelets, that offer similarly good designs but without having to spend crazy money for a single bead. The Cutey charm bracelet is one example, and that’s what I’ll be reviewing today.

This design features a single chain with four large beads and four silver coloured smaller beads. The designs echo Pandora themes so there are some beads that are solid rings of colour, and others that have sticky out blobs of colour to make them look like flowers. The silvery beads include clocks, stars and an X shape, although there are lots more to choose from on their website.

The detail on one flowery bead was very impressive and it was clear it has been hand decorated as the leaves weren’t quite perfect, which made the design better than a mass produced one could be. The small clocks were also well designed with numbers on them and even little blobs where the alarm clock feet and bell would go.

You unclasp the bracelet to put it on, and need to be really careful at this stage not to tilt the bracelet or all of the charms will fall on the floor. It’s easy to do the clasp and you can easily switch the charm bracelet by buying extra sets to suit your mood. This is perfect as if you don't like a couple of the charms having the flexibility to change them is ideal.

The Cutey team are also happy to ensure you get the most from your bracelet. One of the bracelets we received had become broken in the post, however the Cutey team replied to our email in 5 minutes and rushed another one out within 48 hours to us. Their customer service is excellent, and we’ve had no problems with the replacement.

At £12.99 it’s clear that Cutey charm bracelets are not pretending to offer the same level of detail or shine as their more expensive competitors. What you do get is a nice gift that sticks to current trends in charm design, at a fraction of the cost.

Provided by Cutey

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