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Bop It! XT Review

Bop IT XT Review
“Bop It! Twist It! Pull It! Spin It! Flick It! Shake It!” Six commands that echoed through my head last night, as I tried to remember them and master the new Bop It! XT.

This is the first Bop It game for me, so getting to grips with the different elements was fun to learn and it’s certainly a game that is very simple to play (just do what you’re told) but difficult to master (and do it fast!).

Those commands, for the un-initiated break down as:
  • Hit a large central button (Bop It!)
  • Twist a triangle around (Twist It!)
  • Pull on a poll (Pull It!)
  • Spin a dial around (Spin It!)
  • Push / flick a level (Flick It!)
As a first timer it took me about five minutes to learn the different commands, as although they’re clear you could technically flick or twist a few of the different items so you need to program your brain to know which one is which. The visual design of the different options is unique, and they have different colours so that helps you to grasp the commands.

What’s tricky about this version is it that is also includes a 6th command – Shake It – which is optional and can be activated by pushing a purple button. You then have to shake the main unit when this command is issued although I struggled to get this to work very well when playing. Personally I chose to turn this option off, as I had a very low success rate of it, but the option is there if you want an extra challenge.

By default the game starts on novice mode, where you have to repeat actions one by one as they are called out. If you beat 100 levels of this mode you proceed to expert whereby the standard commands like “Bop It!” are replaced with a new command (e.g. “Bass drum”). It keeps the game fresh as you have to re-learn everything all over again.

Two more modes – Master and Pro – issue up extra challenges. One calls out colours to indicate the actions you need to do, and the other issues three commands and asks you to repeat them. To complete the whole game you need to beat 100 levels of each mode which is no mean feat. There’s also a danger factor at play, as if you replace the batteries or they run out, all progress is lost. A harsh punishment for those of us buying Poundland batteries.

I also tested out the different games on offer, the basic modes being Solo (which has you repeat commands one by one) and Pass It (whereby you complete commands until ordered to pass it to a friend). There’s also a One-on–One game which is really clever. Both players hold half of the Bop It! XT and if they mess up both players lose. However if Bop It! is called out, whichever player pushed the button on their side first wins. Having Bop It buttons on each side, also means you can play with the unit any way around – great news for left handed players.

There’s more as well. Headphone support makes it easy to play when everyone else has gone to bed, and a party game has you bopping the game with various body parts. For a first time player like me Bop It! XT is full of functionality and potential. It feels like they’ve gleaned every possibility out of the game and served them up for you. I’ve got a long way to go before hitting Pro level, but it’s a fun challenge to the top.

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