Sunday, November 20, 2011

Body Shop Candied Ginger Reviews

It’s rare a parcel I receive will come with an added smell, but my latest delivery had one of the best ones I’ve ever smelt when I opened the box. The smell in question came from the Body Shop and their new selection of Candied Ginger products.

In this review we take a look at four products in this range: Candied Ginger body lotion, lip balm, scented candle and soap.

Candied Ginger Body Lotion

This body lotion includes ginger root extract which gives it a strong smell that lingers softly for around 30 minutes after you apply it. The lotion rubs in easily and as it’s made from shea butter, it is absorbed really quickly. After application my hands didn’t feel greasy, and my arm had a nice Christmassy smell that put me in the festive spirit.

Candied Ginger Lip Balm

With a similar consistency to vaseline (but less greasy) this lip balm smells like eating a lolly pop and has a tiny hint of ginger to the taste. You need to put on very little lip balm, and it is quite thick once you’ve applied it, so will keep your lips protected in the frosty weather. The tub is a reasonable size, and will easily last through the Winter season.

Candied Ginger Scented Candle

Made with community fair trade soya oil, you get a nice single smell from this candle, which is helped by the paraffin free cotton wick. I did wish the smell was stronger with this one (especially given the nice scent on the body lotion), and was disappointed to find after three hours of burning it, the room wasn’t filled with the lovely smell. The only real way to pick up the scent was to go right over the candle, and although it’s a nice smell, I would have loved a bigger scent.

Candied Ginger Soap

Last up we have the Candied Ginger Soap, which offers the nicest scent of all four products, and was the main reason for the nice smell which emanated from the box. The scent of this one can’t wait to get out of the packaging, making it a great stocking filler if you know someone who likes to spy on their products before hand. The soap makes a good lather and will last a while (this photo was after just three uses). It won’t leave you smelling as strongly of ginger as the body lotion, but smells great whilst you use it, and left my skin feeling soft afterwards.

Provided by The Body Shop

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