Sunday, November 06, 2011

Björn the Bear Review (IKEA)

When I travel round our local IKEA, the children’s section is one of the few areas it’s easy to skip through, and yet I go through it every time despite having no children. Every time I get led in by the colours, and the youthful memories, even purchasing a hippo one time as well. Today a new friend arrived on my doorstep, to remind me of why I always take a look in the kids section; Björn the Bear.

Björn the Bear is stocking filler sized with light brown fur, a big smile and freckles. His body has a red heart, which is my case had a few stray fibres that needed to be trimmed but was otherwise a nice centrepiece. He also has a blue and white body desired to look like pyjamas (or a sailors outfit depending on your preference). As the body itself is coloured you can’t remove the top, but I assume it’s been done that way on purpose to minimise manufacturing costs and the use of material as is typical in IKEA products.

What is interesting about Björn is that a donation of 1 Euro, for every soft toy sold, which goes to UNICEF and Save the Children. This is part of IKEA’s campaign to give the gift of education to as many children as possible and extends across their entire childrens toy range.

In true IKEA fashion the toy is cheap too, costing just £2.03 which when you factor in the donation is remarkably good pricing. It also makes grumbles about the heart and the non removable shirt seem rather petty as for the price it’s pretty much ideal for any Christmas stocking. Plus you get to feel good about buying it as well, a double Christmas win!

Provided by Ikea

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