Sunday, November 13, 2011

Am I Napoleon? Review

You’re a famous singer. You sang “All I want for Christmas is you”.
Mariah Carey?
Right. Next. You maintain law and order.
A policeman?
Close. You live in a western town.

If you answered sherrif you’d be right. This is effectively the flow in a game of “Am I Napoleon?” however things are a lot more frantic in the real game, which pits two to four teams against each other. One player wears a LED screen on their head, which faces their teammates, and the player then has to guess what’s on the display as their team shouts out clues.

It’s a classic pub game, recreated in a modern format and there’s another twist too.

At the start of each round the player spins a dial that lands on either “All Talk” – which is the normal mode with everyone in the team helping – or “Small Talk” which means only one player can help and that they can say just one word of help, and must them mime everything else.

It’s a good extra element with a risk and reward factor too. Whilst it’s harder to guess this way, you get to move double the amount of spaces. Yep, a board is included too, but it’s merely to track the number of questions answered and give an end point for the players. It’s really the home equivalent of writing scores on the back of a beer mat, just much neater.

The number of spaces you move is based on the number of correct answers you get during 90 seconds. Even better, a red light starts flashing and the LED display starts beeping as the time gets close to ending. It throws you off guard and keep the pace interesting.

I’m really glad the makers of the game also let you skip questions without a penalty, as there’s a few items we had that no players knew. This helps you adjust the difficulty and filter out words that other people won’t know.

There’s plenty of things to guess – we saw celebrities, things, animals, body parts, movie titles, political figures and vegetables (to name a few) during our playtime – making playing “Am I Napoleon” a varied game that doesn’t require the vocabulary of a Scrabble elite player to be fun.

Provided by Imagination Games

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