Sunday, October 16, 2011

Top Gear South America Challenge

This Top Gear card game probably isn’t what you’d expect. For one thing, it doesn’t have Jeremy Clarkson as the King or Richard Hammond as the Joker. It also must be one of the few pieces of Top Gear merchandise to not have an image of the Stig. Unlike Fact or Crap Dare, which also came in a pot, this is quite a complicated game – one which could have easily been dragged out in to a full board game challenge – but hats off to Imagination Games for keeping it cheap by not adding in a board where not needed.

Inside the pot you'll fine 6 golden envelopes each with a challenge. These challenges dictate how far the players must drive, which could range from 300 to 520 miles. Then it gets a little tricky so you need a pen and paper to track everything.

Travel Cards: Collecting these cards to beat the challenge total will win you the challenge. It’s pot lock what you get, and you may also find a 'travel limit' card – that lets you stop opponents from moving unless they draw a higher card, and 'end of travel limit' cards, that stop any limits that are imposed on you.

Hazard Cards: They get played on top of travel cards to stop a players progress, so you could remove their wheels, see their engine overheat, drop them in a river, or give them a flat battery.

Sorted Cards: These cards fix hazard card problems. Players will always have seven cards in their hand, so you can have these in advance in case of problems. If you don’t have the right fix then your game is frozen until you find it, or get a....

Untouchable Cards: If you’re lucky enough to find one of these cards (there’s only four in the entire deck, you can stop people from inflicting the relevant hazard card on you. Great backups, although you’re still at risk from the other hazard types.

All of the cards have a bit of banter, that fit in nicely with the show.

Although there are four quick guide cards, they each have different information on them, making them not much smaller than the instruction manual – although they are much clearer visual representations.

Players take turns to draw cards, that either add to their total distance, or can slow other players down. It takes around 10 minutes to play a game, and there's a suprising amount of strategy in knowing when to play the right cards, especially hazards. There's also bouns points for playing certain cards that mean even if you don't win the race, you can still beat some of your competitors.

For South America Challenge you buckle up, try to be as fast as possible and pray you don’t hit any hazards along the way. A fairly accurate recreation of driving then, and it’s also nice to see a Top Gear show that doesn’t require any show knowledge to play.

Provided by: Imagination Games 

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