Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ruckus Funsize Family Edition Review

The card game Snap is a sure fire classic, but it isn’t without flaws. With 2 players a game can get one sided very quickly, and ultimately it suffers from a really drawn out ending.

So can Ruckus, a modern take on Snap, solve these problems? Or does it overcomplicate the classic format and fall flat?

The good news is that Ruckus is just as simple as Snap. You lay down cards and attempt to make a pair which then makes those cards yours. Rather than all cards being played in one stack they each have separate piles depending on the type of card. So you could have multiple piles of cards in front of you, and other piles that can be stolen from opponents.

As there’s more than two of each card, a pair doesn’t mean you keep those cards forever. So if a rival draws the same card they can then add to your pile and take those cards for themselves. Better still, you always have seven cards in your hand and can see them at all times, so you can be strategic with when cards are played, rather than turning them over one by one as in Snap.

When the main stack of cards is gone and a player has used all their cards they yell “Ruckus” and the game is over. Another fun element is that every time you make a pair you have to yell the name of that pair out. With names like “Octo-Pirate”, “Monkey in a Bottle” and “Big Foot” not only is this humorous but also a nice audio trigger to other players who may have that type of card.

Once the game gets going it’s fast, especially with more than 2 players. Games last less than five minutes and are just as hectic as Snap, possibly even more so as everyone plays at once. The design on the cards is excellent and makes them more easily recognisable for younger players than the traditional faces seen on standard cards. Although the recommended age is 8+ I see no reason why younger players couldn’t understand the concept.

Ruckus is a good mixture of luck and skill. Luck determines the cards you get, but you can be skilful with when you play them and when you choose to take an opponent’s cards. It’s that mix which is the game’s main strength, and which helps it offer a great modern day take on a classic.

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