Sunday, October 09, 2011

Podsta Smartphone Holder Review

Almost every time I see a product that looks great for smartphones I’m usually a bit stunned by the price. Smartphone products tend to be at least four times their value just because we own smartphones, and therefore we must have loads of money right? Wrong! Thankfully that isn’t the case with Podsta, a smartphone holder which doesn’t ramp up the price just because it’s for premium range kit.

So the price is a win, but what does Podsta do? Well it’s a squishy cup shaped blob with curved sides and two raised edges that hold your phone in place. The edges are tight enough to grip iPhones or iPhone sized phones in place, and mean you can rest your phone on top of it, creating a raised flat surface.

The real clever bit is when you tilt the Podsta. This lets you have the phone in a landscape position and have it face you at a 45 degree angle. You can even have the phone face upwards at around 80 degrees so the phone is directly facing you. Ideal for those who want to check their phone at night without having to pick it up.

It’s also perfect for anyone using their smartphone as an ebook reader or to watch videos. You press go, prop the Podsta at the desired angle and sit back. It can also be used for hands free calls, so you don’t have to peer over your phone, and is a versatile enough dock that it can be thrown in to a handbag or backpack without the risk of damaging it.

Podsta is a relatively simple product, but one that has a lot of useful applications as well. Anyone who has ever tried to watch a film on their phone with it in their hand the whole time, will see the Podsta as one of the greatest little things ever invented. For the smartphone obsessive it’s a must for any bedside table.

Provided by: Podsta

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