Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Spill Mill Review

The No Spill Mill is an electric salt and pepper mill which is designed to be both functional and add a design touch to any home.

Shaped and coloured like a leek, the mill stands upright on its own and will grind hard salt or pepper to make it fine. There’s no need to twist anything or use any effort at all. So how does this humble piece of kitchenware stack up?

First off all we love the design, although it was quite amusing when we thought we’d broken it within 2 seconds. The default design always has a piece of the plastic coating sticking out like a trigger, which to the untrained eye may make it appear broken. It’s a smooth edge so no harm done, and is a nice design choice when you realise you didn’t break it.

The other reason for this piece of plastic is it acts as a funnel for you to pour in salt or pepper, and when you push the plastic back in this moves the plastic at the base of the mill away. It also starts the motor which  grinds up and pours out fine salt or pepper. It’s a seamless process and takes no effort at all to use.

The motor is powerful (taking up 4 x AAA batteries) but also fairly quiet. We found the resulting salt came out at a steady speed and was very fine as you’d expect. When you’ve got enough salt you take your fingers away from the trigger and the motor stops. As the base slides back in to place it catches any excess and leaves you with absolutely nothing to clean or sort afterwards.

The No Spill Mill works well, and adds colour to any kitchen. It’s a nice centrepiece that will get people talking and luckily for us we already have green mats for our dining table, so it couldn’t be more perfect for us. If you want an electric mill, then this is a quiet running option that does a great job of cutting down on mess as well.

Provided by Joseph Joseph. For more information visit their website or new mini-store in Selfridges, Oxford Street.

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