Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ka’lide Review

You never see young people playing bowls. Which makes me wonder, as we get older will we all want to play bowls or will it become a forgotten game from a bygone era? If Imagination Games get their way we may be playing their more modern take on the sport and will be giving Ka’lide a go.

If nothing else it’ll serve as a nice entry level game for us to practice our skills before ageing gracefully in to a game of bowls.

Ka’lide is a slightly different concept to Bowls, for starters it’s table top sized. You lay a mat on any flat service, and then slide disks along. The aim is to land your disks on the opposing half of the board, with your opponent attempting to land their disks on the side closest to you. Stopping a disk in certain spots gives a points bonus adding an extra layer of challenge.

The tricky part is that your opponent takes their turn immediately after yours and vice versa. So any disks that you land on their side, they can knock out of the way on their turn. But doing this poses the risk that they may stop the momentum of their own disk, leaving it also stranded – and giving you even more points.

Oh and did I mention the magnets?

Each disk contains a magnet, so sliding a disk too close to another one can cause them to either push away, or attach to each other. You have to get them very close for this to happen, but it’s fun to try and stick a lot of disks together on a high area spot. As you add more magnets together, it’s harder for opponents disks to get past without also getting sucked in.

It takes mere minutes to play a game and then add up your scores, and because the disks are magnetic you can pick them up quickly and start again. We found Ka’lide enjoyable and a simple concept that is very well done. There’s nothing that could be added to the game that would make it better, it’s a simple idea which is fun to play. Now where’s my bowl’s club membership card?

Provided by: Imagination Games

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