Friday, October 21, 2011

Freecom Capless Databar Review

When I last bought a USB stick, it was for transferring files quickly across an office of print and web designers. Problematically those of us working on websites had PC’s, and those creating things for print had Macs. The main issue with this was that although we could plug the USB stick in to a PC, it wouldn’t then show the files on a Mac. I tried this with multiple sticks to no avail.

Now I have the solution.

Although it’s three years on, I’d wager that a lot of USB sticks still have this type of PC to Mac connection problem. We certainly saw it all the time. Which is why for me – the ability to use the USB stick on both PC’s and Mac’s - is easily the best feature of the Freecom Databar. In addition it’s plug and play USB 2.0, which are the standard features you’d come to expect now, although there’s also capability for USB 3.0 if you’ve already taken the leap.

The particular Databar we were sent also had one more feature, and it’s that it’s capless. So there’s no chance of losing the cap that covers the USB part, as it simply doesn’t exist. Instead you push on the end of the device and that slides the USB plug out. This then pops in your computer, and you can pull it out by grabbing anywhere on the device.

It works well, although it does leave the USB component exposed to dust (and anything else you have in your pocket / bag). It would have been better with a trap door that comes down to cover the actual USB component when not in use.

This niggle aside, the Freecom Databar is a thin, light USB stick that is a cheap and simple option. The size ranges from 2gb to 64gb so it can be scaled to your needs, and the slider functionality is still preferable to a cap that’s easily lost.

Provided by: Freecom

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