Saturday, September 10, 2011

Satzuma Product Reviews

It’s time for a new company to grace our review section today, as we cover four products from Satzuma. From bling pens to retro microphones, monkey USB sticks to USB wristbands it’s another roundup of cool gifts for boys and girls. So click through to see what we think of these gifts and whether they are mere novelties, or worth your hard earned cash.

Retro Microphone: First up I really like the design of the Retro microphone. It has the same design as a microphone from classic radio, and although it’s not quite as good as the real thing, for a sub £15 microphone it’s one of the best designed options. There’s no software included but you can use it with Skype and similar devices. As for the quality, it’s ok, but you need to make sure to hold it right by your mouth or it won’t catch anything. A good low priced option for those who just need something simple for home / work use.

Bling Pen: Now this is one shiny pen. In shocking pink, complete with diamond effect, the Bling Pen is definitely designed to get noticed. It’s a little odd to hold with all the bumpy ‘diamonds’ and there’s no real way to grip the pen. Disappointingly the pen also writes in black ink rather than a pink glitter effect, which would have made this the ultimate pen for young girls, but there’s no shortage of pink on the rest of the pen to make this at the very least a fun novelty gift.

Monkey USB: The Monkey USB manages to be both cute, and useful. To use the device you pull the monkey’s head off, which exposes the main USB part. The monkey head actually protrudes from your PC / Mac once the USB has been inserted, so you’ll lose the use of any other nearby ports which is a shame. Otherwise it’s a good USB device, with a funky red light on top of the monkeys head when in use. A ringed top allows you to pull the device out from your computer, and lets you add it to a keyring.

Wristband USB (above): The best product we received from Satzuma is the USB Wristband. For those who want a USB at hand, and don’t want the hassle of having one take up pocket space, or getting lost in a bag it’s a clever option. You place the wristband around your wrist and then insert the other part of the USB drive in to a hole. Then it clips in place so you won’t lose it. It’s a great idea, and looks similar to a Breo watch when in use. Taking the wristband on and off is easy, and the clip is a far more logical solution than sliding it over your hand every time, whilst also being secure.
Provided by: Satzuma

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