Tuesday, September 06, 2011

SanDisk Ultra Backup USB 2.0 Flash Drive Review

The Sandisk Ultra Backup flash drive makes me feel old. It seems like only yesterday 32gb was an amazing hard drive, and here it is in the palm on my hand. Even with the increased data required by modern files, that will cover 8,000 (3.5 min long) songs, or 9,600 10 Megapixel images or 64 hours of video. That’s pretty mind boggling stuff, enough to make me need a sit down, a cuppa and warm blanket.

But moving forward to the 21st century what does this USB drive offer that others don’t? Well the USB stick comes loaded with SanDisk backup software. You run the file and then this software sits on your PC allowing you to auto backup important files to the USB stick. You also get 2 GB of free online storage – which is less than some other free file sharing sites – but isn’t bad for something included that you can sync to at the same time.

Given that I haven’t backed up my PC since I bought it, that all my files are stored locally and that my PC likes to crash spontaneously, the arrival of this flash drive in my life may be a sign to take things more seriously – there it is helping me age again. It took two hours to backup everything first time around, but the process is far faster after that, only adding in new files / updated filer later.

As you can't fit a whole hard drive on here, the device copies your 'user' folders including My Documents, My Music and My Photos folders. So if you store files on the C drive in seperate folders (as most people do), then they won't be copied. Worth bearing in mind. If you want to backup absolutely everything you're still better off with a stand alone external hard drive with a bigger capacity.  

For those who want quick backups a ‘backup’ button means you can plug it in, click the button and auto sync all your new stuff. You can still use the USB stick as a normal device, adding files and sharing them on other machines. It’s USB 2.0 so offers quick access times. For a device that is designed to keep your data safe, the 5 year warranty is a nice touch as well.

Other design features are a red light for charging and a slider to slide the USB tip in and out. No need to worry about caps that are easily lost, or exposed USB tips that can be bent or snapped off.

On the whole it's an interesting mid-way device between a small USB drive and an external hard drive. The backup is a nice touch and at least seperates this from 100 other devices. It's also easy to store or transport and doesn't need an external power source so has that bonus over external devices. It's an easy backup device for lazy people like me, and designed to always be on hand to keep your data safe - whether that's at work, home or an external PC. It's all quite comforting. Like an afternoon nap. Now there’s an idea.... someone pass me my slippers and pipe.

Provided by SanDisk

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