Sunday, September 11, 2011

myBunjee Review

Some product are fun to test, especially when they involve testing a product to its limits in the hope you’ll break it. Which is why I’ve just spend 20 minutes dangling my phone from a light, pulling it and hitting it in an attempt to make the myBunjee break or drop my phone. I’ve also bounced my phone around from my hand and dangled it from a bag and it’s still in one piece, as is the myBunjee.

In essence myBunjee is a device to reduce the risk of dropping or losing your phone. It slots around your phone with a separate clip that you can attach to any hoop you have nearby (bags, keys, jeans etc). It fits comfortably around your phone case, so there’s no need to remove that, and the manufacturers claim it fits all non-clamshell mobile phones.

I tried myBunjee on an iPhone 4 and my Sony Ericsson. Both fitted in well, which is impressive given that my Sony Ericsson is a rather small phone compared to the iPhone 4. With the case it place I attempted the above tests, and couldn’t make my phone slip out. In reality you’d subject it to less strenuous tests – the odd slip here and there – so it’s good to know it does the job.

Another use for myBunjee which isn’t on the box is that it makes a good low cost anti-theft device. You can clip the phone to your jeans or a bag, and there’s a definitely reduced risk of being pick pocketed for your phone. The extension cord is long enough that you can still make calls with the phone attached in this way, and although you won’t look as cool, it’s a good solution for those who leave their handbags open all the time.

It’s also ideal for drunken nights out. No risk of dropping your phone in the loo, losing it in a taxi, dropping it out of your bag, (and 100 other silly things that can happen when drunk and carrying around an expensive piece of electronic equipment. So for most silly situations myBunjee is a handy backup to human clumsiness, and ideal for the klutz in your life (especially if that’s you!).

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