Monday, September 12, 2011

Get Noticed Book Review

These days everything is about getting noticed. Brands want their products to stand out, and people want to be spotted either by their peers, friends or in relationships. The more people notice you, the more you can achieve in personal life and in business.

Today we review “Get Noticed” by Marcus Taylor and Rob Lawrence, which aims to do just that, and show you how to get noticed.

The book is formed in to ten core chapters from “how to stand out from the crowd” to “how to meet people who improve your life” with great quotes from influential people thrown in to support the main ideas. The book claims to not be a “dark art or manipulative form of psychology” instead it’s both about understanding how psychology works, and making yourself a better ‘more likeable person’. In doing so you’ll get more from networking.

One of the best chapters focuses on how to meet the right people, with core strategies being:

1 – Find out where the person hangs out
2 – Attend the same events (or use to see similar events)
3 – Get introduced by an intermediary / do your own PR so you are known before the event

This is backed up by the idea that you have to be your own detective. Which is a great concept. Before any networking event you should know a little about the people you want to speak to. Then it’s a case of being where the right people are. For finding the right people they recommend which shows authoritative people in your niche.

There’s also similar concepts in this book to The Game (a well known dating manual) in terms of dressing to stand-out, and talking to those who look out of place in a room. Even simple ideas like smiling to people or greeting people by name can definitely go a long way. The best quote in the whole book is simply “Fake it until you make it”. Which is very true, the only way to improve at networking is to give it a go, and learn from mistakes.

You’ll definitely improve your chances by reading the book. Tips such as the WAIT strategy (Why Am I Talking) are very insightful. There’s elements of Social Media at play as well, for researching people you want to meet, but the book also covers things as simple as meeting the people who serve your coffee, or random strangers. As I found in my “What dog walking taught me about networking” article, talking to strangers definitely works.

Unlike many other networking guides, this is one of the few books to actually include tips on keeping in touch with friends and family. Adding networking events, and 1 to 1 meetings to your calendar can impact on a busy friend / family schedule and I’m glad the authors included a balance in this area so readers don’t forget the importance of keeping existing relationships strong whilst perusing new acquaintances.

The best tip is to track the people you meet in a spreadsheet. I love spreadsheets, and using them in this way seems logical (but something I’d never thought to do before). That way you can see when you met people, remember what you talked about, and what opportunities there are for a follow-up.

It’s this blending of marketing and social media ideas in to a book on people watching that makes Get Noticed a unique read. There’s enough insight from the authors on what worked for them to give you confidence, and most of the goals will be achievable by any reader. Well worth a look if you want to stand out from the crowd and grow your network.

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