Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eureka Toys Deep Space Home Planetarium & Projector Review

The last NASA Space Shuttle launch this year reminded me how I used to be interested in space growing up and had forgotten about a lot of the astronaut dreams I had when I was younger – as I’m sure a lot of us have done as we’ve grown older and settled down to easier day jobs than exploring the cosmos. With the Deep Space set I’ve discovered some of that joy, and explored more galaxy in 5 minutes than in the last 10 years.

There’s three modes to explore, each of which offers a different take on the galaxy.

Three disks are included with the kit, which can be inserted one by one and then projected on to a nearby surface. With eight photos on each disk, that can be rotated one by one, you can look at nebulae, spacecrafts & astronauts and planets & moons. With beautiful images on offer, it’s good that they’re projected with clarity and some of the nebulae are truly stunning to look at. A booklet is included which explains what each image is, helping you gain more of an insight in to the Universe around us. Here are some images:

By flipping the unit around and adding a black dome on top you can project stars all around the room in a 180 degree angle. So whether you look left, right or up you’ll be surrounded by small dots of light. These dots rotate slowly around the room and are relaxing and fun to look at. For children in need of a relaxing night light this is also a good setting.

Another dome can be applied which projects 16 constellations around you. These move around you and the booklet helps identify what the constellations are, with a bit of background on some of the more well known constellations. You’ll be able to see the north star, the big dipper, Hercules, Leo and Orion to name a few. Lines are drawn between them to help you determine each constellation and it’s another nice setting to just put on and relax to.

Night Light
Although the planetarium setting can be used a night light, you can also add an extra blue dome to soften them up. Alternatively the planetarium dome can be removed and the blue dome kept in place. This puts on a strong light, but is better for younger children.

I really enjoyed the Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector. It’s a fun R2-D2 shaped box with lots of tricks. Older children will wish for more settings to look at but young children will be able to spend many nights gazing at the sky spotting constellations and looking at fantastic imagery. As adults we certainly enjoyed it, and after a long day at work it was a fun way to find down with a room filled with stars.

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