Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Suck UK Reviews Part 2

It's time for another dose of Suck! Suck UK products that is.

This time we review balloon animals, chopstick drumsticks, a very literal Bookmark and handy leaf ties. It's another collection of fun kitsch products so let's get stuck in.

Balloon Animals: Whenever you see someone make a balloon animal it looks pretty impossible right? Well these balloon animals allow you to cheat. Each balloon has a number labelled on it, and a handy guide tells you how to twist those numbers together to get results. With three separate designs – poodle, rabbit and swan – spread across the balloons there’s a good set of beginners designs to get you going. A pump is included as well, so you don’t even have to blow them up. After a few uses we found we could make the designs better without the numbers, which is a victory overall.

Chopstick Drumsticks: The tagline ‘play with your food’ sums these up pretty well. They’re drumsticks that can also be used as chopsticks (or the other way round if you prefer). It’s an odd mixture, as you couldn’t do both without cleaning them in-between (either due to excess drumming sweat or food stains). They're fairly good drum sticks and chopsticks mind, but merging the two is certainly a bizarre idea that serves as a fun novelty gift for lovers of the two, although they’d probably prefer separate implements in their day to day life.

Leaf Tie: These cable tidy’s have the nice feature of looking like leaves. So as you neaten up the wires around your home you’ll also be adding a touch of nature back in to them. The green to yellow colour is striking and they can just be used to add a touch of nature to other items around the home. My favourite use is to wrap them around plants on stalks, such as tomato plants. They look a lot nicer then black tie’s although are equally practical around the home.

Book Mark: Book Mark is a squidgy yellow man who has been squashed between the pages of a book. His loss is your gain and you can use him as a bookmark for your favourite page turners. I expected Book Mark to be made of a hard structure but it’s actually more flexible so although the top part of his body is hard to rest isn’t. Despite this it works well as a bookmark, with the hard top sitting nicely on the book, and the main body staying in place even if your book gets moved about a bit. If anything the rubber helps it stick to the pages better than a typical cardboard bookmark, which I found quite surprising.

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