Monday, August 01, 2011

Suck UK Reviews Part 1

Today's update is going to Suck. Actually it's going to be a lot of things by Suck UK. The guys who sell such oddities as 'carve your own postcards' and cookie stampers.

This update takes a look at those two products and a review of two other items. Also come back soon for part two with more Suck products.

Carve Your Own Wooden Postcard
This slab of wood can be carved and then posted to anyone you like. I tried carving it with my keys, as indicated on the cover image, but it didn’t work very well. It felt like Suck UK should have included an implement for the carving, although I can see how that might not have passed health and safety.

You can actually write on it in pen if you’re desperate, which is handy as it’s hard to see how the post office could read an address otherwise. It’d love to see the persons face when they received this novel post card, although with the kind of message I could scrawl they’d probably think me some sort of mad man.

Character Bag

It’s a shopping bag but with a carry case that has small holes. So you can pull the bag through the holes creating a character. There’s eight holes so you can do a few different shapes; we made a bunny, a penguin, a duck, a bear and a ghost. It requires a bit of imagination (other people may just thing your bag is breaking and has holes) but will pass some bored time on the bus.

Cookie Stamper
This wooden pallet stamps the words Home Made in to your cookies, or other cake mixture. The wording them sets and can be shown off in pride for those who see your treats.

It’s a good way to prove you’ve made something for a bake sale rather than purchased it from Tesco. We used it on a cake mixture after cooking and it still left a nice impression.

Handy Notes

These sticky notes come in the shape of a hand. The main gimmick is that whilst the hand is sticky the fingers are not. So you can fold the fingers back and hide them away. Allowing you to make a thumbs-up, rock symbol, piece sign and other variations.

It’s quite funny in a daft way, and a good way of cheering up an office if you have to leave them a message. Of course if you want to annoy someone in the office you can make another sign with them.

That's it for part one, keep a look out for the second part in August where we'll cover more including Baloon Animals and Chopstick Drumsticks.

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