Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pumpaloons Review

When testing a product I always try to put myself in the shoes of a typical user, but sometimes that isn’t enough. For example with Pumpaloons I just didn’t get the appeal. You compete to blow up two pillars with faces and arms. It’s simple but I just couldn’t understand the fun factor (for me it seemed no different to pressing A over and over to win on a Wii game). Luckily before I wrote the review I let my nephew have a go and suddenly I got it.

Or at least he got it. Every part of the process from setting up the base, to inflating it and the hearty squeak as the Pumpaloon becomes fully inflated was met with joy from him. He loved the inflating part too, trying everything from his feet to his bum to get the Pumpaloon inflated in time. Which is ideal given that he’s the target audience and I should really know better than to play with giant kids toys.

He also discovered an added feature, and revealed that the Pumpaloons are a lot of fun once you’ve blown them up. There’s a pink one for girls and a blue one for boys. The Pumpaloons are light enough that children can lift them up, but also have a bean filled base so they support themselves and right themselves after being thrown around.

So you can use them as makeshift punching bags, or just throw them around a bit (not advised if you want to keep your TV in one piece). This is good, as if you only used the Pumpaloons for blowing up / deflating / blowing up again you’d be a little disappointed as they take a good ten minutes to deflate in-between each bout.

Sadly for my nephew the Pumpaloons experience didn’t last forever. Getting carried away he bit one of them and the small hole saw an end to the Pumpaloon. We patched it up again and it was fine but it’s worth considering that although Pumpaloons can take a beating they are no match for the teeth of a child.

Overall I can see the appeal of Pumpaloons. As a cool inflatable to have in a kids room they serve the purpose well. It’s a big friend they can hug and have a bit of a play with. We saw the act of blowing them up is more of an added bonus than the core feature. The human punching bag aspect was way more fun.

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