Thursday, August 11, 2011

Case Mate Creatures Review

It’s odd that we’re so fascinated with making scary things appealing. The Twilight saga thrills on it, turning Vampires and Werewolves in to potential mates. There’s cuddly toys that are based on ugly creatures, or horror villains. Now even out phones aren’t safe, with the Creatures collection from Case Mate letting you wrap your phone in Frankenstein and the mummy King Tut (aka Tutankhamun).

Both cases are for the iPhone 4 and have a bendy silicone design so you can bend them on easily. Taking the cases on and off is the easiest I’ve ever found it, without having to worry that the cases would fall off at any time, as they’ve got a large rim to keep them in place. As you’d expect there’s a hole for the camera, marked volume buttons and gaps for chargers and headphones. They’ve even included a hole so you can attach a keychain which is an opportunity often missed.

 Frank: My favourite of the two cases is inspired by Frankenstein with a striking green colour that will definitely get your phone noticed. At first I thought they’d missed the bolt through the neck, but like sneaky designers they’ve included it in a subtle way. At the bottom of the case are two circular marks that stick out. They’re easily noticeable from the front or the back and give the case some extra character. It’s a rare occasion of a case having something fun that can be seen from the front, and that’s the best feature.

 Tut: This case doesn’t stick to design conventions either. To create the effect of a mummy wrapped in bandages the case has raises edges on the side. So one edge sticks out where the other goes in. It’s a subtle effect and doesn’t affect your ability to hold the phone, but it certainly looks good. There’salso a slight incline on his eye with more of a mixture of colours, and this is the more interesting of the two cases . Even the way it’s been made seems to show lines across the case, looking like bandages.

As a bonus here’s a video of the two cases, although sadly they don’t make the noises shown in the video.

Both cases are easy to grip and feel nice to hold. At £20 each they’re at the higher end of iPhone cases, although that’s reflected in the quality, with each case feeling like it will last a long time. Plus do you really want to get on the wrong side of these horror icons?

Supplied by Case Mate

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