Sunday, July 03, 2011

Bubble Buster Review

I try a lot of games on this site but it’s not that often I can say a game is 100% all out fun. There are elements of a lot of games that I enjoy, but it’s rare to find one that makes you smile and brings out your inner child. Bubble Buster is one such game, that made me feel like a five year old all over again.

Although strangely of all it mostly made me feel like my dog.

Cat and dog owners will know what I mean. Bubble Buster shoots loads of bubbles out in groups at a time, which is something that makes pets go crazy. In fact the first time we turned Bubble Buster on, our cats and dog came out to play. They loved the way the bubbles snaked across the room and jumped about for them trying to pop them. Then within 30 seconds my wife and I were doing the exact same thing.

Of course you can buy devices like that just for pets, that throw bubbles in to the air, so Bubble Buster thankfully has a good trick up its sleeve that makes it far more fun for kids and adults to play with. It turns things in to a game, rather than just random popping, by giving each player a handheld popping device known as a wand.

 This is more than just a pointy stick though. Each wand has two prongs on the end (which are rounded and safe for kids) which you use to pop the bubbles. The real master stoke is that your wand makes a chiming sound every time you pop a bubble. This audio feedback turns the whole thing in to a game, and rewards your for every bursted bubble.

Better yet, when a player gets to 20 bubbles they get a winning sound and win the game. Popping bubbles has always been an unofficially competitive game, but with no way of tracking things. Now you can tell who is the winner, and it’s a more fun experience. Although jumping about for bubbles still feels silly, it’s made more acceptable by the prospect of winning, and suddenly becomes a fun challenge.

The wand doesn’t always detect a pop, especially with smaller bubbles, as you have to line up the two elements of it to hit at the same time to score a point. You learn how to do this within a few goes, and after that the whole thing turns in to a mad dash as you try to get the most bubbles, and try not to trip over your pets (who by this point are going mental at the game as well – further spurred on by the sound).

I’ve no idea who won most of our games, as we got pretty lost in the act of popping bubbles. Bubble Buster is my favourite game of the year so far, and it’s something the whole family (and pets) can enjoy. The game takes a lot of batteries, so be sure to stock up, and grab some extra bubble mix too, as it’s a game that will last a while.

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