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Brylcreem Product Reviews

You’re probably already either a gel or a wax man (or not a man at all). This means you’ve decided on exactly what you like in your hair and don’t tend to change it. However these days there’s even more choices to contend with thanks to gel wax, wax sticks, and gel creams. In this review I take a look at three variations, to determine which type of man they’re right for.

To put things in perspective I have quite thick hair, that grows long so you may have different experiences with the products, but here’s my take.

Brylcreem Original
It’s not often you get to use a hair product that was created in 1928, but that’s what you get with the original Brylcreem. Decked in a red tub (unlike the black of the rest of the range) it stands out on the shelf, but it didn’t seem to compare well to modern equivalents. I tried all the products with long hair and straight after a haircut, and the original tub didn’t fare well with long hair at all.

The tub says to apply a small amount, but even with a large amount I found it hard to style my hair. It was like the product stuck to my hair, but didn’t connect bits of hair together. After a haircut, I found I could make it through the day with the tub, although in terms of styling it felt quite limited in terms of what I could achieve, no matter the amount that was applied.

The saving grace of the original tub is it had a nice lemon smell, which reminded me of a LUSH hairgel I tried once, and I’d like to see more hair products with a little bit of fragrance. It’s also a big pot so if you like it you’ll get good value for money.

Brylcreem Extreme Ultimate Hold Gel
Having grown up on Shockwaves, this is more my kind of product. Anything that contains both the words ‘extreme’ and ‘ultimate’, with thick hair like mine is well worth trying. It’s a typical gel that turns your hair in to tiny spikes that you can mush together to create a stylised look. Even when my hair was at its longest I felt like I had complete control and even by the end of the day my hairstyle was still in place.

You hair sets quite hard – to the point that you can joke about taking someones eye out – but I’ve always quite enjoyed gels that do that. Running a hand through your hair once won’t remove the gel, but a lot of rubbing back and forth returns your hair to normal. So even though it’s thick you can wash it out easily.

When my hair was short, I still felt I could get the style I wanted, and it took a really tiny amount to achieve this. Putting too much in leaves you with a blob of gel that won’t be absorbed so in this case less is more.

Brylcreem Gel Cream
This was my least favourite of the three products as I found regardless of my hair length it didn’t hold for very long or offer me much confidence that I could design my hair. It says to apply a small amount, but even with a larger volume I couldn’t make my hair do anything. Again it could be a problem with the thickness of my hair but the first time I ran my hand through my hair it felt like being naked with no real style left after that.

I’ve covered quite a few Brylcreem products over the years (two years worth in fact), and it’s a shame the three products above no longer sport the strength rating that’s helps you decide what’s for you. As a customer that would make me know that for people who want strong hold (like me) the gel is perfect, but that the other products are for those who want to add a bit of product and to then head out the door. Bryclcreem should bring back the rating, as I’m sure the products all have an audience in mind, and it would help them really push that direct to the customer so you can make a better choice.

On the plus side we’ve discovered that for a strong gel Brylcreem Extreme Ultimate Hold Gel is better than Shockwaves, and that even in 1928 people wanted their hair to smell nice.

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    i have found i really old glass bottle with by brylcreem but with this in(recd) all in the glass any idea how old it is thanks


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